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Waaaaaaaaa, i want to go Japan next year can? This life size Gundam is just too awesomeeeeee!!!!!! ROARRR >_<

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Was at Publika Solaris Dutamas for lunch earlier today. Ordered Chatime – Honey Lemon Aloe for myself which is a fav. amongst some of my friends & went on to the different stalls at the food court there to get my food.

In 1 more week time, 2011 is coming to an end and we’ll be going into 2012. For me 2011 is a very important year, had a few reflections, gained some + lost others. Well anyway, was browsing the net and found this batch of pictures featuring different Lego sets that shows some of the top world incidents that happened this year. Enjoy =) April 2011: Well-wishers, tourists and media […]

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Love this short film featuring 漩涡鸣人 Naruto Uzumaki fighting 李洛克 Rock Lee. ALL NARUTO FANS MUST WATCH IT!! The Shadow Clone Technique 影分身の術 + Rasengan 旋骡丸!!!!!

This group is GOOD – Metro Vocal Group!! Check out the cover songs they did previously. AWESOME.

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