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Did anyone watch the friendly match just yesterday? The match Manchester United thrashed Hang Zhou Greentown 8-2?!! 10 goals in a match man!! Crazy. And do you know that Liverpool thrashed Singapore 5-0 as well earlier yesterday? Speechless… Anyways, back to the start of this Manchester United Asia Tour 2009… I was already very happy being able to be there watching them play against MalaysiaXI where the match was filled […]

It was this blogpost where i join this competition winning 1 pair of RM98 tickets to watch my favourite soccer team in action. I was all excited, with my inner self jumping up and down looking forward to the day to come. Thanks to Smirnoff! On that day itself, i headed to KY‘s place to meet up with a few of them where i tagged along as i don’t want […]

Call me insane or crazy whatsoever, i went to watch the match between Manchester United and Malaysia for the second time yesterday. o.O It was an insane day, going out the whole day since morning heading to work and going to the stadium straight after work . However i’m a happy man. To watch Manchester United playing twice in 3 days. I still haven have the time to filter the […]

The English soccer fans have been well known for being extremely supportive of their local soccer clubs with chants, songs, cheers of their own whenever they are watching their team playing in a stadium. As a Malaysian who’s a Manchester United fan, i was lucky enough to win a trip to go all the way to the Theatre of Dreams to watch the match where ManUtd face Liverpool early this […]

Woooohoo!! Just came back from Bukit Jalil National Stadium where Manchester United won 3-2 against Malaysia. and ITS CONFIRM THAT THERE’LL BE A SECOND MATCH!! ROARR!!! I want to watch again!! The second match will be on Monday 8.45pm at Bukit Jalil National Stadium as well. Will do a more detail post on today’s match soon!! For now, just 2 pictures i took hours ago. Hehe. The Red Sea!! Malaysia […]

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