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3 months ago a Hong Kong group emerged from being an underground rock band (Pinkberry) to a female girl group hitting the mainstream pop music scene in Hong Kong 香港. The band consists of 4 different females – Mel (Lead Vocalist & Guitarist), Cathy (Bass), Nova (Guitarist) & Kiki (Drummer). I actually like the idea of a band and I would love it more with the fact that all band […]

On the 3rd of October, the company which 黎明 Leon Lai owns has published an official statement clarifying his divorce with 乐基儿 Gaile Lai. Here’s what was written in the statement. “Although we have spent a lot of precious moments together and we still care a lot for each other, due to the huge difference in our philosophy of life, therefore after serious consideration, we decide to go on separate […]

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So, 糖百府 Tong Pak Fu Malaysia actually apologized through Facebook just yesterday when the video was widely shared amongst Malaysians. I think the apologies is not enough. The spokesperson – Sze Wong 蘇施黃 should be the one apologizing. 致各位糖百府的顾客, 针对糖百府代言人苏施黄于去年发表个人意见事件, 我们糖百府在此向各位郑重道歉, 也借此机会向各位大马同胞们表明糖百府的立场, 那就是, 我们认为大马是世界数一数二的美食之国! 我们以同样身为大马人而骄傲, 因为多元文化, 我们可以尝到各种不同于其他单一国家的好滋味.

Some people just don’t use their brains when they talk. Especially when you’re a public figure and you are at a public event, you should be careful of what you say. I’m referring to this individual from Hong Kong who is a TV host, food critic & celebrity chef – 蘇施黃 So Sze Wong. She was in Malaysia for the official opening of 糖百府 Tong Pak Fu dessert shop in […]

Love Life project is not a charity organization nor a charity group. It’s a force, a belief, a whole new movement of sharing the love through actions. The aim of this project is simple, to hope that every single one out there love their own lives, when you do so, you’ll have strength to help the people around, your families, friends, colleagues, mates and even strangers. Use this positive force […]

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