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最爱是你 生命动人因有你 我挂念你 深夜达晨曦 常自不觉地 日夜算日期 而时日减少你 长得似世纪 仍最爱是你 坚定自持因爱你 纵隔万里 心跟你飞 今天你请珍重 寂寞你便荡来 来甜梦中把臂 风吹雨飞 多晚都等你 The song Together sang by 鄭伊健 Ekin Cheng was released in 1999 and back then, it was the golden era of Cantonese music. With the initial release of Napster in the same year, I still had limited access to various music with only 56k internet speed. So, I’ll visit the nearest night market […]

Chrissie Chau 周秀娜 is a model/actress/DJ from Hong Kong who rose to fame in 2009/2010. Being Hong Kong’s most famous model, she was one of the main factor on the rising wave of pseudo models in various public events in the country.

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周星馳 Stephen Chow’s latest film – 西遊·降魔篇 Journey To The West is scheduled to be up in February 2013 during Chinese New Year period.

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Eason Chan 陈奕迅 is in Kuala Lumpur now & he’ll be at Tunku Abdul Rahman College 拉曼学院 tonight to promote his latest album […3mm]. Just yesterday, I attended the press conference of his music showcase under the album’s promotional tour.

3 months ago a Hong Kong group emerged from being an underground rock band (Pinkberry) to a female girl group hitting the mainstream pop music scene in Hong Kong 香港. The band consists of 4 different females – Mel (Lead Vocalist & Guitarist), Cathy (Bass), Nova (Guitarist) & Kiki (Drummer). I actually like the idea of a band and I would love it more with the fact that all band […]

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