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There’s a new video on Katy Perry’s YouTube account featuring this song Wide Awake which is a lyric video (A music video featuring lyrics of the song) and the video uses Facebook Timeline in it.

Have you ever wonder if social media platforms were invented in the 80s/90s? Imagine Facebook or Twitter emerging back then!! Thanks to these videos below, it reminds me on how the web looks like back then, with blinking messages, ugly user interface, stupid color combination & more. MUST check out the videos below Haha! Facebook in the 90s

Social Media has been the IN-THING for everyone in 2011. From individuals to companies to even organizations & governments worldwide, it has become an important part of our life in Malaysia Here are some interesting facts in Malaysia for Social, Digital and Mobile in Malaysia by We Are Social.

For your information, Facebook has recently released the Timeline Movie Maker, a collaboration work with marketing agency Definition6 for the public. To compile your life in 1 minute time seems a bit tad short, but that’s the initial idea of this application. You just need to decide which is the highlight of your life.

In less than 1 week, we’ll be celebrating Chinese New Year and i can’t wait to get my hands on all the good food with friends, gathering together exchanging laughter. I’m all gear on with CNY mode activated and this happy happy cheerful CNY mode will last for approx. 3 weeks till the next CNY comes. If you’re still not in the mood for Chinese New Year yet, i suggest […]

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