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Internet has been part of our lives in recent years and we can’t live without it. In Malaysia, Celcom Broadband is one of the network you could rely on for its wide coverage with affordable broadband plans for everyone. A lot of stuffs has been done with constant rewards to customers and now, Celcom Broadband even comes with cool new apps for FREE! Wireless internet access is crucial to many […]

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I was browsing around searching for random news and updates & saw the latest post on A very wicked post i must say with a Cost Comparison table of Broadband Internet Service in Malaysia Year 2011. For the full list of table, please click on the image above. Our Malaysia Broadband Cost Comparison post is in dire need of an update since most broadband providers had revised/introduced new broadband […]

Advertorial Sometimes, i wonder what is life without internet. I wonder how would i go through my study years without having internet as the main resource for me to search for information. Going through books 1 by 1 in the library? Can, but nah! With internet, life became much easier where we depend on its convenience to get updates from the people around and stay connected with each other. Everyday, […]

On the 19th of April 2011, i went to Doubletree by Hilton Hotel Kuala Lumpur to attend the launch of Astro B.yond IPTV services! Astro as you all know is a multimedia content service provider and IPTV is a system which digital television service is delivered through internet broadband connection. This partnership between Astro and TIME dotcom Broadband shows how ambitious Astro is, to bring over all of its exciting […]

I had a good laugh when this CIBAI thingy was brought up all of a sudden thanks to the massive tweets and retweets on twitter, Good Job to Microsoft that you entertained us all especially us Chinese people. and then, earlier today i saw a link on one of the tweet showing this wiggy69 package. Awesome man i tell you, GETTING A 69 FOR YOUR WIGGY IS UNBELIEVABLE!! WIGGY 69!! […]

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