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  • The Press Conference of a Malaysian Local Movie Production Kungfu Taboo 百武禁忌 was held just yesterday at Setia Walk Puchong where the cast of the film – 辉哥 Henry Thia 程旭辉, Kara Wai 惠英红, Miau Miau 林静苗, Frederick 李洺中, January 苏湘庭, Elvis Chin 曾玟玮 and Rabbit Chen 陈沛兴 were present at the venue to talk […]

  • Precious, a girl group that was formed just in August last year has recently announced the release of their first single in 2015. Led by Keqing 可晴, Hera, Estee and 莹莹 became the ambassadors of Nikon when they debuted last year. With fans waiting eagerly for the release of their first single, this good news […]

  • The Malaysia stop of 邓紫棋 G.E.M. X.X.X. World Tour Live has officially ended with both 2-night concerts held at Putra Indoor Stadium Bukit Jalil on 23 and 24 January 2015. Presented by Tune Talk with Star Planet as the organizer, both nights were packed with adoring fans swarming the concert venue – one of the […]

  • 1600 Pandas are finally here in Malaysia!!!!

  • Just yesterday, Miss A was in Beijing where they made a public appearance in Dreamport Mall in Haidian District. Suzy, Jia, Min & Fei of Miss A arrived at concourse area of Dreamport Mall around 5.30PM after a performance of an opening act.


10 Movies to watch in Malaysia this Chinese New Year 2015

Malaysians are gonna be spoilt for choices this coming Chinese New Year 2015 where there are a handful of movies that will be going on […]


钓鱼台银杏大道 Diaoyutai Ginkgo Boulevard, Beijing China

Did you know that Ginkgo Trees have a lifespan of up to 3000 years? China is where these type of trees came from. When I […]

Movie Reviews

Movie Review : Kungfu Taboo 百武禁忌

Kungfu Taboo 百武禁忌 Movie Plot Summary : On the night after the end of World War II, a guy runs through the woods as he […]


Press Conference – Malaysian Local Movie Production Kungfu Taboo 百武禁忌

The Press Conference of a Malaysian Local Movie Production Kungfu Taboo 百武禁忌 was held just yesterday at Setia Walk Puchong where the cast of the […]

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Passed the ONE AND ONLY PAPER i resit last month!!! YES LA!!!

Life’s Good? Definitely NO for those slaves who’ll be heading to their respective working position at this very start of the week. Thanks to Nuffnang and LG, Life was good for the bloggers who attended the very launch party of LG Blog early this month at the 8th of May 2009. Especially for those who won something back home that night! Life’s Good when you have a bunch of people […]

Okay before you read anything written here in this blog post. Go watch the video posted just below alright? Hope you enjoy it! xDMalaysian Dreamgirl Season 2 Finale @ The Curve*sorry for the low quality of the video as i don’t have enough memory disk space, so the settings i used was pretty low. =XSo yea, thanks to MalaysianDreamgirl, i attended the Grand Finale of Malaysian Dreamgirl Season 2 @ […]

A concert that is happening at the end of this month that presents these artists – 神木与瞳,魏如昀,阿镔,潘嘉丽,梁文音,Alisa,大嘴巴. Most of you will know the ones mentioned above if you’ve been following 超级星光大道 Season 1 & 2. =) and for those who know about this concert or you might be interested, 2 more days left for you to redeem your tickets. A minimum of RM5 for 2 concert tickets only, so go […]

Before you start reading this post, you need to learn this. *yau mou = got or not? / yau = got. Okay, continue… It was one of the normal weekdays where i was thinking of what to get for lunch. At the same time, i was surfing Innit and the moving ad right at the bottom was really… A few minutes after that, a friend called and i was already […]

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