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  • The press conference of A9 Alice Nine Re:birth -Tensyou- 2015 concert was held just earlier today with all members of Alice Nine present in Novotel, Kuala Lumpur. Shou 将 (Vocals), Hiroto ヒロト (Guitar), Tora 虎 (Guitar), Saga 沙我 (Bass Guitar), Nao (Drums) of A9 Alice Nine were delighted to have Kuala Lumpur as the last […]

  • MTV World Stage Malaysia 2015 was super awesome! Having attended most of the MTV World Stage Concert shows in Malaysia, this 7th edition is one of the best. With near to 20,000 adoring fans at the concert show venue, the list of performing acts which include Jason Derulo, Carly Rae Jepsen, Apink, SEKAI NO OWARI […]

  • The 7th edition of MTV World Stage Malaysia is set to take place in Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach later tonight and earlier today, a press conference was held with the performing acts making an appearance to members of the media.

  • Featuring 13 teams from 12 countries (Japan, Korea, Philippine, Indonesia, Vietnam, Brunei, Thailand, Taiwan, China, Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia), 亚洲舞极限 Asian Battleground 2015 was held successfully on 7th August at One City, Malaysia. The fight for champion title of 亚洲舞极限 Asian Battleground 2015 was judged by 7 reputable individuals – Vince from Philippines, Yiu […]

  • Clinelle just launched a new prestigious firming and lifting skincare range the Clinelle CaviarGold on August 1st, 2015 at AEON Bukit Tinggi, Klang and invited Product Ambassador Ella Chen 陳嘉樺 (Taiwanese girls group S.H.E) to make a guest appearance.


[Announcement] ASTRO 亚洲舞极限 ASIAN BATTLEGROUND 2015

Earlier this month, Astro Battleground 2015 was held where Kidiotics and Death Notz respectably won the Champion and and 1st Runner-Up in Malaysia. With that, […]


The Great Ocean Road Drive, Australia

I’m currently in Australia(Hurray) for vacation and I’m enjoying myself very much with the cold weather! Speaking of Australia, it’s actually one of the first […]

什剎海 Shichahai, Beijing China

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Press Conference of A9 Alice Nine Re:birth -Tensyou- 2015 concert live in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

The press conference of A9 Alice Nine Re:birth -Tensyou- 2015 concert was held just earlier today with all members of Alice Nine present in Novotel, […]

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Woooohoo!! Just came back from Bukit Jalil National Stadium where Manchester United won 3-2 against Malaysia. and ITS CONFIRM THAT THERE’LL BE A SECOND MATCH!! ROARR!!! I want to watch again!! The second match will be on Monday 8.45pm at Bukit Jalil National Stadium as well. Will do a more detail post on today’s match soon!! For now, just 2 pictures i took hours ago. Hehe. The Red Sea!! Malaysia […]

It was more than a month ago that i visited this place for lunch. With my beloved of course. We were in Taipan to settle some stuffs and so we went around hunting for food around the place after we finished our business. and i was actually attracted to the place when i saw this… Set-Lunch Local & Western from RM7.99. O.O Parked nearby and headed in to the place […]

Yea. Random Pictures that is.#1 Early Morning at KTM Station. #2 A toilet that have 3 NSFW pictures hanging on the wall. #3 One of the NSFW picture. =X #4 Old Man using Iphone in LRT Train #5 ROFLMAO. Interpret this yourself! #6 My lunch in one of these days. I WAS VERY HUNGRY THAT TIME! #7 The GF’s Sis. #8 Mah Sec School! #9 The event i’m attending in […]

I had a good laugh when this CIBAI thingy was brought up all of a sudden thanks to the massive tweets and retweets on twitter, Good Job to Microsoft that you entertained us all especially us Chinese people. and then, earlier today i saw a link on one of the tweet showing this wiggy69 package. Awesome man i tell you, GETTING A 69 FOR YOUR WIGGY IS UNBELIEVABLE!! WIGGY 69!! […]

My bloody Samsung U600 have been MIA for like 1 week plus already and i’ve totally gave up on it already. and so i got myself a new phone, erm not exactly new la, its like 3rd hand from my friend. Better than nothing right? A Sony Ericsson w380i. Yea i’ve abandon Nokia for quite some time already. From N73 to Samsung U600 a slide phone and now SEw380i a […]

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