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  • 6 Hong Kong TVB artiste – 陈敏之 Sharon Chan, 梁烈唯 Oscar Leung, 袁伟豪 Benjamin Yuen, 敖嘉年 Ngo Ka Nin and 姚子羚 Elaine Yiu was here in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to promote the 3rd season of health variety show titled Wellness on the Go 3 星级健康3. The promotional event was held on a Saturday afternoon at […]

  • It was a star studded night at Malaysia PWH Music Award 馬來西亞娛協獎 2015 which was held successfully at MAEPS, Serdang. With thousands of fans flooding the venue to support their beloved stars, more than 180 stars graced the prestige awards show and that include singers, producers, actors, directors, composers, lyricists, music arrangers, employees of recording […]

  • Malaysia PWH Music Award 馬來西亞娛協獎 2015 was held just last Saturday on May 23rd. It was a star studded night with local stars from Malaysia’s Chinese Music Industry! Of course, what’s an award without a red carpet session? The path for stars to show off their fashion sense as well as have the camera flashes […]

  • As part of 曾沛慈 Pets Tseng’s album promotional tour in Malaysia, Mahkota Parade at Malacca was one of the main venue where the Taiwan star made a public appearance on the 4th of April.

  • It has been 7 years now since the second season of Taiwan singing competition 超级星光大道 One Million Star, Pets Tseng 曾沛慈 kick started her career in the entertainment industry by having a role in KO ONE drama series. Now, Pets Tseng 曾沛慈 has decided to return to where she started with the debut of her […]



Yuyuantan Park 玉渊潭公园 for Sakura/Cherry Blossom in Beijing, China

Yay to Cherry Blossom in Beijing! The skies were light grey and the pollution index was above the bar but the decision to head to […]

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Movie Review : Kungfu Taboo 百武禁忌

Kungfu Taboo 百武禁忌 Movie Plot Summary : On the night after the end of World War II, a guy runs through the woods as he […]


Wellness on the Go 3 Promotional Event 星级健康3之星梦成真造势活动 with Sharon 陈敏之, Oscar 梁烈唯, Ben 袁伟豪, Elaine 姚子羚 and Ngo Ka Nin 敖嘉年

6 Hong Kong TVB artiste – 陈敏之 Sharon Chan, 梁烈唯 Oscar Leung, 袁伟豪 Benjamin Yuen, 敖嘉年 Ngo Ka Nin and 姚子羚 Elaine Yiu was here […]

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How ya folks? Hope ya fine!! xD Anyways, Welcome to Old Trafford, The Theatre of Dreams!! At least it’s like a dream i never dare to dream of where i’ll be at the stadium itself going around the place. MY EYES ARE OPEN OKAY!!! =X So before i bring you around the stadium and show you more pictures on the stadium tour, allow me to show you some pictures taken […]

Ok i’ve gone through the last batch of pictures on the UK Trip in March 2009. Uploaded all of them to Facebook and i was filtering the pictures to be post here in my blog. Came across this specific picture of the ever happening Malaysian Emcee Liang & one of the top Malaysian Blogger Kenny Sia. Picture taken all the way @ Old Trafford, Manchester, United Kingdom. xD No there’s […]

Yesterday was the Stand Out Party by Nuffnang & Tiger and i think that it was awesome. Though i didn’t win anything Haha but the party was very very entertaining xD. Before you proceed in scrolling down, do view the video i compiled & edited alright? Standout Party by Nuffnang & Tiger How was the video? Hope that i didn’t bore you out with it… =X Alright so, back to […]

Just came back from N97 KL Launch event at Mandarin Oriental Hotel Kuala Lumpur. Food was awesome, Company was great and most importantly, N97 Rawks!!! The phone is really awesome!!! T_T Nigel, Kelli, David, HsuJen, Aaron, Noob Will make a more detail post on the event. For now, just enjoy the failures of the top Msian Bloggers in a Guitar Hero Gaming Session. LMAO. brought to you by KySpeaks & […]

Thanks to Nuffnang!! Thanks to Thanks to those who have been reading my lousy blog thus long be it you hate it or love it!! *hugs* Thanks to my computer, my mouse, my cpu, my monitor, my internet service provider Mr Streamyx which’ve failed me 10 times continuously last night disconnecting my internet and many many more individuals, organizations, parties esp PAS yay!! =X Alright, seriously, in 2004 when […]

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