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I have a few friends who collects Coca-Cola bottles/cans from everywhere and i’m not really sure whether this will interest them or not but it sure is something unique and worth the keep. Stumbled upon it on Weibo and googled about it leading to more information.

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I don’t have any idea how many of you out there played this before back in primary school days. Totally forgot about it existence till i saw it on Weibo. Sure brings back lots of memories then Hehehe. *On another unrelated note, i still want to stress out that Weibo ROCKS a million times more than Twitter!! Love the random stuffs i can find on it. Too bad i have […]

Cheers!! =D

Hi everyone, my name is Joshua Ong and i’m going to introduce 2 of my best assistants who have been helping me running my business for the past few eons and they are awesome because of who they are, with passion in what they are doing plus hanging a big smile on their face all the time… and here they are! Michelle, me and Fresh Of course, my business won’t […]

This really amuse me!! For the past few days a random person who had a cigar was captured by a photographer and the picture went viral on the internet and now this unknown person is on the same headlines as Tiger Woods. We live in a strange and funny world LOL. Good thing i still have my sanity!! Oh do read all about it here xD. *Oh and yea this […]

Categories: News, Random, Crazy & Fun

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