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ABMP have this contest for Bloggers In Malaysia related to a performance which is going to be in Genting. They’ll be giving out 80 Normal Season PS1 Dreamz double passes (worth RM260 each, and valid until Aug 31) in this contest. The informations on this performance attracts my interest and thus i’m doing this post here to try my luck in getting the pass to the performance. =) * Who […]

Some time ago, there’s this contest where people will either make a video post or a blog post which is related to HAPPY itself. and just yesterday night, The Prize Giving event was held @ Isthmus KL. I didn’t do any blog post or video post on it and thanks to DavidLian, i was invited as a guest to this event. It was a closed event, only the finalists and […]

Seriously, i have stopped watching MDG since episode 7-8…. Competition/Contest which involve sms voting is STUPID talented girls have been kicked out one by one on the other hand, they (the company) have been showing stupid scenes in the show and the show made me bored, i’m sure there are many more interesting parts of the show.. well maybe they plan to compile it up and sell it out in […]

The days in Malaysia are not exactly the same anymore, in recent years, bloggers have become more influential. Especially after the election in last month, people from various parties, organizations, companies opened their eyes and start to admit to the influence of bloggers. In their posts, Bloggers may be part of the media doing the job of promoting and advertising indirectly. And so, more and more bloggers are invited to […]

at the start of episode 7, they have a challenge which is the makeup challenge the girls have to do their own makeups and then let the makeup professional judge and decide who wins this time’s challenge before this, i know nuts about makeups after watching + hearing the bla bla bla yada yada yada by the makeup profesional I STILL KNOW NUTS ABOUT MAKEUPS!!! Lets just skip that alright?? […]

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