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First of all, i would like to thank you for visiting my blog. My name is Joshua Ong and my birthdate is 18 December. I’m from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Born in a Christian family, i am a regular church-goer since young and because of that i started learning a few musical instruments since the years of my teens. However playing them isn’t what the best i am capable of. I am in a family of 5, with a younger brother & younger sister.

Growing up as an 80s Msian baby, i was accompanied by the likes of Legos, Lasy plus many other toys i could get from the Night Market. I grew up watching Power Rangers, playing video games on Micro Genius consoles is what i enjoyed most during my childhood days.

Crawling, hiding and running all over the house is what i was expert at. Had lotsa cards before but never figured out how to play them, some cards where they have different cars, how fast they are and what brand, planes, ships and oh HAPPY FAMILY!

I’m a big fan of Manchester United but weird enough i don’t kick balls, i am more into basketball.


I love meeting new people every now and then and it all started since 1998. I went for a Christian Youth event back then, Jam With The Lamb 98′ that is.

Along the years when i’m in Secondary School,  i attended more Christians events and made lots of friends which some of them i grew close until this day. Just like most of what my friends described me as, i still frequent various events nowadays where it is mostly related to blog, blogging and bloggers.


It was as early as 2000 that i have a website of my own. So called. It wasn’t call blog yet that time. I was a user of Homestead, a free personal website provider back then where i rely largely on the 56k modem to update the pages. Bravenet Guestbook/Counter was one of the IN thing that time.

To be exact, i started blogging in the year 2004 where more and more people getting in touch with the terms blog and blogging. I registered a Xanga account and never stop blogging since then. Changing from Xanga to Blogdrive(2) then to Blogspot and finally here, i must say i really had a good time expressing Apple, Kit-Kat and Roar online.

I love blogging so much that i doubt i will stop!

Well, maybe one day. Just Maybe.

Still can survive level.

I owe my family a lot especially my parents. For sending me to schools, providing me everything i could have to be who i am today.

To be specific. I had quite good results for Dota, Need For Speed Underground , Fifa 2007 and Nba Y2k, obtained a Diploma in Counter Strike 1.0 specifically where i further my studies and got a Degree in Warcraft Dota Major in v5.84. My other expertise are sleeping and eating and i’m pretty proud of it!

Putting the craps aside, I’m really grateful for what i have currently and i hope i can really appreciate all these. Big thanks to Tiffanie Tan.

Last but not least, Thank You Jesus. =)

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Blogs in the past
2004 joshuaongys.xanga.com
2004-2006 joshuaong.blogdrive.com
2007 moiham.blogdrive.com
2007-2009 joshuaongys.blogspot.com

since 03 September 2009

*edited on 1st of December 2009

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  1. Wow, what progress you’ve been through. That’s Amazing. And you are still so young :). I only started blogging early last year, kinda regret for not starting earlier, but as the saying goes, better late than never, right? Anyway, quite an interesting blog you have. Keep it up.

  2. I’m an old man in USA. You’re a good kid! Saw your blog since I liked the roller coaster ride in “Dispicable Me” too. 🙂

    Live your life for Jesus – that matters most.


  3. Hi,good guy,i’m a peer of age as you, i’m from china, i like your blog very much in which simple life full with sincere feelings is vividly described.

    I desired to be one of your friends with faithfulness. welcom to china where evils an angels are singing ,fighting and living! I would like peoples all over the world have a better knowledge of my homeland!

    yours Ebao!

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