Formosa Crew from Taiwan Champions of 亚洲舞极限 Asian Battleground 2016

Organised by Astro 本地圈, 亚洲舞极限 Asian Battleground 2016 was held at Wisma MCA, Kuala Lumpur on the 8th of October and the dance competition features competitive dance groups from countries around the region. Formosa Crew from Taiwan emerged as the winning group of the night with Malaysian own Rejuvenate Dance Crew getting the title for Best Dance Choreography.

With 14 dance teams from 11 countries around the region to fight for the top spot, crews of various nationalities showed off their skills from years of training. After several rounds of showcased followed by battle rounds between the best teams, Formosa Crew was made champion via unanimous votes.

Rejuvenate Dance Crew from Malaysia managed to score 86.8 points where teams worked their way to display the best dance choreography. Red Lycans that is from Malaysia too scored just 82.1 points. Both local Malaysian teams that scored higher marks in earlier rounds compared to Formosa Crew (80.9 points) from Taiwan marched into the final 4 battle round but the dance crews from Taiwan showed everyone and brought home the champion title of 亚洲舞极限 Asian Battleground 2016’s third competition. Urban Clown Crew from Vietnam was the other team in the top 4.

Formosa Crew was formed in Taiwan since a decade ago and this is the first time they participated in 亚洲舞极限 Asian Battleground 2016. Gino 黄柏青 who’s the team leader expressed his excitement in winning the competition, he added on the team did their best to showcase their dance moves which is the result of endless trainings back in Taiwan and though they were aiming to win; they were also focusing on the competitive interactions with dancers from the region.

Red Lycans which is the champion in local dance competition Astro Battleground 2016 was led by last year’s 亚洲舞极限 Asian Battleground champion Faris Azim in the final rounds of dance battle with Formosa Crew from Taiwan. Though the team weren’t able to clinch the top spot, they were proud of their performances. One of Red Lycans’ dance crew KidInn林良运 who’s the individual champion for Astro Asian Battleground 亚洲舞极限 Asian Battleground 2016 mentioned that winning or losing became secondary in this competition and they were purely aiming in representing an ex-dance crew Jayden, who’ve passed away. KidInn林良运 also jokingly added that Formosa Crew’s dance video clips were one of the few sources he referred to when he started being interested in hip hop dancing and mentioned that he’s really happy being able to compete with the group from Taiwan.

The other dance groups that participated in 亚洲舞极限 Asian Battleground 2016 include Lady Bounce (South Korea), 3D Color (South Korea), Tha Project (Philippines), Crafts of Kammotionn (India), Amami Crew (Japan), Smooth Boogie Crew (Hong Kong), The Zoo (Thailand), YK (Singapore), Urban Clown Crew (Vietnam), Last Minute Street Crew (Indonesia). The competition features a list of reknown hip hop dancers as judges too which include Pacman (USA), Anthony Lee (USA), Mike Song (USA), Lia Kim (South Korea), Firebac (South Korea), C.Hsiang钧翔 (Taiwan) and Medusa (Japan).

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Results of 亚洲舞极限 Asian Battleground 2016
Top 4 of self choreograph dance round
Rejuvenate Dance (Malaysia) : 86.8 pts
Red Lycans (Malaysia) : 82.1 pts
Formosa Crew (Taiwan) / Urban Clown Crew (Vietnam) : 80.9 pts

Battle rounds
Rejuvenate Dance Crew (L) vs Red Lycans (W)
Formosa Crew (W) vs Urban Clown Crew (L)

Final Battle Round
Formosa Crew (W) vs Red Lycans (L)