What’s new in Windows 10 Anniversary Update

What's new in Windows 10 Anniversary Update

Microsoft is celebrating the 1st birthday of their latest Operating System(OS) by introducing Windows 10 Anniversary Update on August 3 (Malaysia), the update will be rolled out to all Windows 10 PCs around the world in different phases, if you haven’t receive the update yet, read on to find out how to get it before everyone.

Today an event of the Windows 10 Anniversary Update was hosted by Microsoft to showcase some key features about the product by Microsoft.

What's new in Windows 10 Anniversary Update

Window Ink is one of the most exciting new features that comes with the Windows 10 Anniversary Update that put the power of Windows in the tip of a digital pen. With Windows Ink Workspace, features like Sticky Notes, Sketchpad and Screen Sketch is introduced to improve one’s productivity by allowing user to write on a device like on a paper.

Windows Hello and Windows Defender

Windows Hello is now beyond just an housekeeper for your PC login screen, the update will be supporting App from Windows Store. In layman, Microsoft is open up the service to App develop to integrate with Windows Hello, so you can sign into the supported app using Windows Hello.

Windows free anti-malware service Windows Defender is even better now, which now provides the option to automatically schedule periodic quick scans of your PC and provide scan summaries though new notifications.

To use Windows Hello, specialised hardware requirements is required, including fingerprint reader, illuminated IR Sensor or Other Biometric Sensors.

Enterprise: Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection (WDATP)

Detects, investigates, and responds to advanced malicious attacks on networks by providing a more comprehensive threat intelligence and attack detection.

Enterprise: Windows Information Protection

To provide protection to businesses from accidental data leak by enables businesses to separate personal and organisational data and helps protect corporate data where ever it goes.

Microsoft Edge(Improvement)

What's new in Windows 10 Anniversary Update

If Microsoft Edge isn’t your default browser, Microsoft really want you to use the browser, this Anniversary Update has included a power saving improvement, which claim to be less resource hungry.

Microsoft Edge now comes with browser extension support, user can now download extensions such as Amazon Assistant, LastPass, AdBlock and etc from Windows Store.

Dark theme and UI tweaks

What's new in Windows 10 Anniversary Update

Look and feel has been improved, where dark theme is introduced with the Windows 10 Anniversary Update. The improvement is aim for easier surfing at night, where user can switch typical app white background to black from the setting.

Some other UI improvement like Task bar Notification Icon, New Start Menu, Calculator with Converter function are noticeable from daily use.

How to get Windows 10 Anniversary Update?

Windows 10 Anniversary will be push to every owner of Windows 10 in phases, but you can manually update it by going to Microsoft Update Support page that allow you to perform manual update.

There are many more updates beside the items mentioned above, and some are not even available here as it required Cortana to work, that’s right, Cortana still isn’t available in Malaysia for now. You can check out more from this link here on Windows 10 Anniversary Update.