[Announcement] Grasshopper 草蜢 Music Walker Concert 2016

Hong Kong band Grasshopper 草蜢 will be coming to Malaysia again with their Grasshopper 草蜢 Music Walker Concert on October 15, at Arena of Stars Genting Highland. 4 ticket categories were introduced for the show, priced from RM120 to RM490.

Grasshopper 草蜢 Music Walker Concert 2016

Grasshopper 草蜢 Music Walker Concert 2016
Date: 15 October 2016(Saturday)
Time: 8:30pm
Venue: Arena of Stars, Genting Highlands
Venue Capacity: 6,000 People
Tickets Price: RM 124,RM 214,RM 334,RM 494(Price inclusive RM 4 processing fees & GST)
Tickets Launch Date: 28 June 2016 | 12am
Online Ticketing: TicketCharge

They have been around since the 1990s and they are still going strong with their recently released Mandarin album, Music Walker, confirming just how current and relevant they are. The enduring star power of Grasshopper is amazing—and it is not just Cantopop fans who love them.

Formed in 1982, the trio continue to appeal to music fans, young and old, with their music and onstage persona. Equally fascinating is their rags-to-riches story: Calvin and Remus are brothers who grew up with their neighbour, Edmond in a poor part of Hong Kong. Lady luck smiled on them in 1985 when they auditioned in the Hong Kong Talent Singing Awards. Anita Mui happened to be one of the judges, and she chatted at length with them when a blackout took place during the audition.

One thing led to another and suddenly, they were Anita’s backup singers and dancers. The rest, as they say, is history: The boys became superstars themselves and have since then enjoyed international popularity.

The trio released their debut album in 1988, and their second album later the same year. In 1990, they crossed over to the Taiwanese music market where they made a huge impact and remained active throughout much of the decade. And although they took a break from the music industry after years of success, Grasshopper has remained intact as a unit. The trio never broke up and have continued to reunite periodically in order to perform together.

Grasshopper 草蜢 Music Walker Concert 2016

Kindly refer to the seating map/venue layout above on Grasshopper 草蜢 Music Walker Concert 2016 before making your choice on which tickets to purchase base on the ticketing information provided below :

Ticketing information – Grasshopper 草蜢 Music Walker Concert 2016:

Category (Seating Choice) – Ticket Price – [Genting Reward 10%]
PS1 (Numbered Seat) – RM 464 – RM 445
PS2 (Numbered Seat) – RM 364 – RM 301
PS3 (Numbered Seat) – RM 264 – RM 193
PS4 (Numbered Seat) – RM 184 – RM 112
*Price inclusive RM 4 processing fees