[Announcement] Andy Hui 許志安 COME ON World Tour Live In Malaysia 2016

Celebrating Andy Hui 許志安 30th Anniversary of his music career, Andy 許志安 COME ON World Tour will be coming to Malaysia on August 20, and the show is set to happen at the Arena of Stars of Genting Highlands. Tickets for the show are priced from RM158 to RM638 and they are available for purchase now.

Andy Hui 許志安 COME ON World Tour Live In Malaysia 2016

Andy Hui 許志安 COME ON World Tour Live In Malaysia 2016
Date: 20 August 2016(Saturday)
Time: 8:30pm
Venue: Arena of Stars, Genting Highlands
Venue Capacity: 6,000 People
Tickets Price: RM 162,RM 232,RM 302,RM 372,RM 442,RM 542,RM 642(Price inclusive RM 4 processing fees & GST)
Tickets Launch Date: 20 May 2016 | 11am
Online Ticketing: TicketCharge

相隔5年,许志安将再度席卷大马开唱,以完美姿态呈现全新个人巡演 – 《许志安Come on巡回演唱会2016》。这次新巡演更是他入行30周年的精心杰作,取名Come On,是有带动大家一起开心的意思,而On亦是他的名字

由Robsonhill乐信豪庭荣誉呈献, Star Planet星艺娱乐联合太阳娱乐文化主办,《许志安Come on巡回演唱会2016》将于8月20日,晚上8点半,在云顶云星剧场正式引爆!



近两年,许志安除了活跃于个人演唱会之外,也持续出现在大小荧幕当中。去年年末至今年年初,许志安在内地出演了东方卫视的音乐选秀节目《中国之星》,在节目中充分发挥了历年来累积的歌唱实力,表现也屡得好评。此外,许志安搭档文咏珊(Janice Man)主演的新悬疑电影《凶手还未睡》,近期也在第40届香港国际电影节首映。

after a 5-year hiatus since he last performed his Solo concert in Malaysia, Hong Kong Cantopop singer Andy Hui Chi-On finally announced his return to Malaysia, bringing his brand new tour “COME ON” impeccably crafted in commemorating the 30th Anniversary of his music career.

Presented by Robsonhill Residency and organized by Star Planet in collaboration with Sun Entertainment Culture, Andy Hui “Come On” Live in Malaysia 2016 will take place this August 20th, at the Arena of Stars, Genting Highlands at 8:30pm.

Hui recorded four consecutive sell-out gigs at the prestigious Hong Kong Coliseum last year, and continued his tour to Macau and Connecticut.

He is all set to wow his legions of fans with many recent hits and classics at his coming Malaysia gig. Known for his strong vocal prowess and commendable showmanship, Hui insists to put a fresh spin on his concert experience with new music arrangements and hot dance choreography that can really get your adrenaline flowing! Hui is expected to flitting about on stage in a series of eye-catching outfits, including a black see-through outfit which shows his bodybuilding result, adding eye candy to the entire performance.

Hui is considered one of the most successful Chinese music celebrities, with an extensive list of Cantonese and Mandarin hits to his credit. His first music contract came in 1986, and his singing career reached stellar status in 2001 as he won awards of the most favourite male singer.

Apart from holding concerts, Andy has also been keeping himself busy by appearing on both the big and small screens. He showed off his amazing voice and singing ability through a popular Chinese singing competition “China Star” aired on Dragon Television between 2015 and 2016, where he has received many positive responses for his performances. In addition, Andy, who is also an actor, has played the male lead in a new thriller “Nessun Dorma,” starring alongside Hong Kong artist Janice Man. The film has recently premiered at the 40th Hong Kong International Film Festival.

Andy Hui 許志安 COME ON World Tour Live In Malaysia 2016

Kindly refer to the seating map/venue layout above on Andy Hui 許志安 COME ON World Tour Live In Malaysia 2016 before making your choice on which tickets to purchase base on the ticketing information provided below :

Ticketing information – Andy Hui 許志安 COME ON World Tour Live In Malaysia 2016


Category (Seating Choice) Ticket Price Launch 15% off S Club 15% off Genting Rewards 5% off
VVIP (Numbered Seat) RM642 RM546.30 RM546.30 RM610.10
VIP (Numbered Seat) RM542 RM461.30 RM461.30 RM515.10
PS1 (Numbered Seat) RM442 RM376.30 RM376.30 RM420.10
PS2 (Numbered Seat) RM372 RM316.80 RM316.80 RM353.60
PS3 (Numbered Seat) RM302 RM257.30 RM257.30 RM287.10
PS4 (Numbered Seat) RM232 RM197.80 RM197.80 RM220.60
PS5 (Numbered Seat) RM162 N/A RM138.30 N/A

*Price inclusive RM 4 processing fees