Wellness on the Go 3 Promotional Event 星级健康3之星梦成真造势活动 with Sharon 陈敏之, Oscar 梁烈唯, Ben 袁伟豪, Elaine 姚子羚 and Ngo Ka Nin 敖嘉年

6 Hong Kong TVB artiste – 陈敏之 Sharon Chan, 梁烈唯 Oscar Leung, 袁伟豪 Benjamin Yuen, 敖嘉年 Ngo Ka Nin and 姚子羚 Elaine Yiu was here in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to promote the 3rd season of health variety show titled Wellness on the Go 3 星级健康3. The promotional event was held on a Saturday afternoon at Paradigm Mall in Petaling Jaya.

Right before the event, a press conference for Wellness on the Go 3 Promotional Event 星级健康3之星梦成真造势活动 was held at D’italiane Kitchen where the cast of the programme tell us some of their stories during the production of Wellness on the Go 3 星级健康3 itself. With success in the last 2 seasons for Wellness on the Go 3 星级健康3 which is a health infotainment series jointly produced by TVB and ASTRO, this time round the series will be featuring more interesting stories with some of the childhood dreams of mentioned TVB artiste.

陈敏之 Sharon Chan shared her experience on being a chef who cooks behind the scene in a top restaurant where she has to deliver a specific dish in a given time frame under a hot an pressured environment. Though the star is used to acting and performing under stress and short time frame, it was a different challenge for her altogether as this involves another person’s taste bud and the reputation of her mentor plus the restaurant. During practise, it was said that she used several more eggs than required just to provide a complete dish.

On the other hand, 梁烈唯 Oscar Leung attempted to be an outdoor travel guide this time round where he was required to lead a crew of 4WD vehicles into a jungle in Malaysia. He shared that it was an eye opening experience for him as he grew up in Hong Kong, in a city with all four directions filled with concrete. Being in a rainforest is someone in Hong Kong can’t do very often so 梁烈唯 Oscar Leung appreciates the chance to do so.

In Wellness on the Go 3 星级健康3, 袁伟豪 Benjamin Yuen is a firefighter – a job that he feels will help a lot of people when he’s young. He also used to think that it’s super cool putting off fire. Of course, during the course of shooting Wellness on the Go 3 星级健康3 袁伟豪 Benjamin Yuen personally attempted to put down a fire at close range and it was quite a challenge for him.

敖嘉年 Ngo Ka Nin is a new face in the show itself and he has been following the series where he feels that it’s really interesting being part of it now. With a chance to do what he used to view as a potential job, 敖嘉年 Ngo Ka Nin tried being a staff at an aquarium raring Arowana fish. He stated that the time and effort to rare such a fish is amazingly tiresome, however he enjoyed the whole time doing so.

姚子羚 Elaine Yiu acts as a staff of SPCA and took part in animal rescue and recovering tasks. Amongst all the jobs featured in the show, 姚子羚 Elaine Yiu had the most emotional experiences. She has to witness animals being abandoned and tried in helping these pets to recover from certain conditions, she even cried during the production where she can’t stand it seeing all the poor animals.

In the public event at Paradigm Mall, the stars took the chance to play games with some of their fans as well as perform a few tracks for everyone to enjoy. Wellness on the Go 3 Promotional Event 星级健康3之星梦成真造势活动 lasted around 1 hour plus.

Fans of previous In Wellness on the Go 星级健康 series should check out the show that will premiere on Astro on the 7th of June and will be broadcasted every Sunday at 8.30PM on Astro 华丽台 Wah Lai Toi or Astro 华丽台 Wah Lai Toi HD. More pictures on Wellness on the Go 3 Promotional Event 星级健康3之星梦成真造势活动 below :