Malaysia PWH Music Award 馬來西亞娛協獎 2015 at MAEPS, Serdang

It was a star studded night at Malaysia PWH Music Award 馬來西亞娛協獎 2015 which was held successfully at MAEPS, Serdang. With thousands of fans flooding the venue to support their beloved stars, more than 180 stars graced the prestige awards show and that include singers, producers, actors, directors, composers, lyricists, music arrangers, employees of recording labels and music schools plus others.

With the first Malaysia PWH Music Award 馬來西亞娛協獎 held back in 1989, this is actually the 13th time the awards show was held to provide recognition to talents in the Malaysian Chinese Music industry. A massive party to gather all the talents together, as a big family.

In this year’s Malaysia PWH Music Award 馬來西亞娛協獎, a whole pool of uprising talents were seen dominating the awards and most of their works have gained them loyal followers & fans which were displayed in the event venue through chants and cheers whenever their nominations came up on screen. We can’t deny that nowadays, talents has a better path to work on with proper guidance and they also have a large pool of communication channels to showcase what they can offer to the music industry. Compared to the ones decades ago, though it might be more competitive in this age of social – things move much faster and talents grew faster too.

Geraldine Gan 顏慧萍 who’s one of the biggest winners in Malaysia PWH Music Award 馬來西亞娛協獎 2015 took home 5 awards last Saturday night. Geraldine Gan 顏慧萍 swept 2 awards all thanks to the massive success of the local film The Journey 一路有你 that was crowned top spot in Malaysian Movie Box Office – The Journey 一路有你 with 最佳迷你專輯獎 Best Mini Album Award and one of the movie’s track 好時光 winning 最佳電視/電影歌曲獎 Best TV/Series Track Award. Of course, she also got recognition with her talents with 3 other awards 新人推薦獎銀獎 Recommended Newcomer Award Bronze, 十大原創歌曲獎(本地組) Top 10 Original Track (Local) and Red Box 最受歡迎K歌獎銅獎 Most Popular Karaoke Track Award Bronze which she won together with Ky Tha 趙潔瑩 through their group BFF.

“Thank you Malaysia PWH Music Award, thank you God, Thank you Lord for giving me all the opportunities and having the chance to be on this stage today receiving this. I’m very happy today, i’m grateful too. It’s not an easy path, all the singers – they’ve also worked hard one step at a time to share their own music with everyone” – Geraldine Gan 顏慧萍

Peng Xue Bin 彭學斌 is another winner who won 5 awards too. He’s one of the most experience individual in Malaysian Chinese Music industry with vast talents working behind the scenes with various artiste on multiple tracks and albums. Of all the awards he was rewarded, he holds the role of a producer, lyricist and composer as well.

One of the loudest cheers in Malaysia PWH Music Award 馬來西亞娛協獎 2015 was from the fans of Fuying & Sam. The group that just debuted for 2 years won 4 awards in total – 新人推薦獎銅獎 Recommended Newcomer Award Silver, 現場投選最受歡迎原唱歌手獎 Most Popular Original Track Singer by Live Votes, 十大原創歌曲獎(本地組) Top 10 Original Track (Local) with the track 分開以後.

There were 3 emotional moments through out the whole night. When Geraldine Gan receives her 4th and 5th awards.

The second one came with Bell 宇田 when she won 新人推薦獎金 Recommended Newcomer Award Gold, stating that she’s a person who’ll seldom be emotional and cry – she shed a few tears. Bell 宇田 won 3 awards in total and she’s one of my favorite local singers.

The last part was when Wincci Soo 蘇盈之 being announced as the recipient for 傳媒推薦大獎 Media Recommended Award. The multi talented singer teared while giving her thank you speech where she also recalled back her hardships at the start of her career when she took a massive loan to support her own dreams. She went against all odds and though there were many doubters, she got the recognition she needed, adding on that she really loved music very much.

There were tears, laughter and awesome performing acts in the Malaysia PWH Music Award 馬來西亞娛協獎 2015 too, it’s really awesome to know that the awards show has come a long way to where it is today, partially shaping the local Malaysian Chinese Music industry. Being one of the oldest awards show in Malaysia which is pretty reputable, Malaysia PWH Music Award 馬來西亞娛協獎 2015 has witness a pool of young local talents with dreams to fight for – all the best to those who pursued their passion. 就是爱音乐, 怎样! (Yes I’m in love with Music, so what!)

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2015娛協獎得獎名單 Malaysia PWH Music Award Winners List
傳媒推薦大獎 Media Recommended Award : 蘇盈之
傑出表現獎: n/A
現場投選最受歡迎原唱歌手獎 Most Popular Original Track Singer by Live Votes: Fuying&Sam
最佳原創金曲獎 Best Original Golden Track Award: 梁靜茹-愛久見人心-
最佳演繹歌手獎 Best Live Performing Act Award: 梁靜茹-愛久見人心-
最佳作曲獎 Best Composer Award: 彭學斌-好時光-
最佳作詞獎 Best Lyrics Award: 瑞業-雨是甜的-
最佳歌曲製作獎 Best Track Produce Award : 戴佩妮-萬靈藥-
最佳編曲獎 Best Music Arrange Award: 蕭啟賢-幸福滿滿-
最佳流行音樂專輯獎 Best Pop Album Award: 曹格-荷裡活-製作人:曹格
最佳迷你專輯獎 Best Mini Album Award: 顏慧萍-一路有你-製作人:彭學斌
最佳獨立原創專輯獎 Best Independent Album Award: ANNA 莊啟馨-TACK-製作人:鄭可望
最佳賀歲專輯獎 Best CNY Album Award: M-Girls四個女生-團聚-製作人:鄧智彰
最佳本土演唱專輯獎 Best Indie Album Award : 湛愛鈴-為愛情乾杯-製作人:鄭國亮
最佳音樂錄影帶獎 Best Music Video Award:羅憶詩-瘋狂世界-導演:巫志隆
最佳專輯封套設計獎 Best Album Design Award: 王藍茵-失敗之作-設計者:原字印務
最佳電視/電影歌曲獎 Best TV/Series Track Award:顏慧萍-好時光-(電影-一路有你-歌曲)詞曲:彭學斌
最佳原創方言歌曲獎 Best Original Dialect Track Award :黃一飛Featuring小米-阿公的腳踏車-,詞曲:黃一飛
最佳團體獎 Best Group Award : Fuying & Sam

新人推薦獎 Recommended Newcomer Award:
(金 Gold) Bell宇田
(銀 Silver) 顏慧萍
(銅 Bronze) Eunice何沛璇,Fuying & Sam

Red Box 最受歡迎K歌獎 Most Popular Karaoke Track Award:
(金 Gold) 梁文音,孫耀威-幸福的忘記-
(銀 Silver) 宇田-雨是甜的-
(銅 Bronze) 顏慧萍,趙潔瑩-BFF-

2015娛協獎十大原創歌曲獎(本地組) Malaysia PWH Music Award Top 10 Original Track (Local)
1.王藍茵,陳子超-失敗之作- 詞/曲: 王藍茵
2.何沛璇-對的時刻-詞:張國祥,何沛璇 / 曲: 何沛璇
3.方炯嘉-五月天搶走我的女朋友-詞曲: 方炯嘉
4.宇田-雨是甜的-詞:洪瑞業 / 曲: 宇田
5.郭修彧-Mission Incomplete-詞/曲: 曾毓欣
6.溫力銘-布魯克-詞/曲: 溫力銘
7.蘇盈之-過得去-詞/曲: 劉永輝
8.The Impressoul(李欣怡,伍家輝)-分手有理-詞: 李欣怡 / 曲: 伍家輝
9.Fuying & Sam-分開以後-詞/曲: 馬逸騰
10.顏慧萍,趙潔瑩-BFF-詞/曲: 陳穎見

2015娛協獎十大原創歌曲獎(國際組) Malaysia PWH Music Award Top 10 Original Track (International)
1.范瑋琪-最親愛的你-詞: 林建良*/ 曲: 方炯鑌
2.宇珩,蕭賀碩*-不鏽鋼-詞: 管啟源*/ 曲: 宇珩
3.楊宗緯*-其實都沒有-詞: 楊宗緯* / 曲: 伍冠諺,易桀齊
4.陳威全-濫好人-詞: 瑞業,馬嵩惟* / 曲: 陳威全
5.梁靜茹-愛久見人心-詞: 彭學斌,陳沒*/ 曲: 彭學斌
6.楊丞琳*-想幸福的人-詞: 姚若龍* /曲: 張向榮,魏文浩
7.曹格-荷裡活- 詞: 彭資閔* / 曲: 曹格
8.劉思涵*-擁抱你- 詞/曲:戴佩妮
9.楊丞琳*-天使之翼- 詞: 邱聖倫,蔣篤全* / 曲: 邱聖倫
10.許亮宇-愛情駭客- 詞: 許亮宇,葉樹賢,彭學斌*/ 曲: 許亮宇