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According to a news report from Hong Kong, the TVB Drama Series 冲上云霄 Triumph in the Skies 2 was well received and is highly popular amongst followers of the series with the highest TV ratings recorded at 35 points (Approx. 22,500,000 Viewers). That being said, there are 2 parties who are interested in coming up with a movie version based on the drama series. 萧定一 (The CEO of China 3D Digital Entertainment Limited 中国3D数码娱乐有限公司) and Hong Kong TVB have both expressed their interest in plans to bring the story which revolves around the Aviation Industry.

Movie Plans for TVB Drama Series 冲上云霄 Triumph in the Skies 2

TVB hoped to bring in the original cast to the silver screen. On the other hand, 萧定一 is looking to lock down both leading actors of the series Chilam 张智霖 and Frances 吴镇宇 and bring other actors/actress such as Huang Xiaoming 黄晓明, Louis Koo 古天乐, Fiona 薛凯琪 and Ava 雨侨. It was said that 萧定一 has initial talks with both the leads with a budget of RMB 50 Million Yuan with production schedule to start early next year in 2014.

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  1. MrLonely says:

    i still watch it everyday~

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