HotCha Malaysia Music Live Show 马来西亚拉闊音乐会 2013

張紋嘉 Crystal Cheung & 黎美言 Winkie Lai 張紋嘉 of Hotcha from Hong Kong was in Kuala Lumpur on Thursday (23 May 2013) for their music live show HotCha馬來西亞拉闊音樂會2013 which was held at Studio Lounge, Tropicana City Mall, PJ.

The girl group Hotcha which debuted in 2007 have came to Malaysia a couple of times in the past for various activities. Though Regen was missed in this particular show, that didn’t stop the fans from supporting Hotcha where a group of supportive fans were seen holding cardboards in front of the stage at Studio Lounge.

The show started on time at 8PM with opening performances by a band performing 6 tracks in total. Hotcha – 張紋嘉 Crystal Cheung & 黎美言 Winkie Lai 張紋嘉 came up on stage later on with a warm welcome from the crowd before performing the first track Hot Lady.

It was a shame that the lighting settings in Studio Lounge was not suitable for the show, good thing the sound system was pretty decent resulting in a good performance by the girls from Hong Kong. Through out the show, the girls have to take both the role of a performer as well as emcees. It was weird but fun at the same time to watch two girls talking so much up on stage.

The whole show went smoothly where it ended around 10PM. Personally, I noticed this particular girl group Hotcha when they first debuted in 2007 where the song 不要防曬 led me to them. At the end of the day, I am happy with the fact that I managed to grab a photo with Crystal 張紋嘉.

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