GE13 – A note worth reading. So, BN is still in power… by Rosheen Fatima

I’m going to say something that most people are not going to like hearing, and I’m saying this because of the huge amount of black on my facebook wall.

Did you, any of you, really think that PR would sweep the elections? Put aside the dirty campaigning, and election tactics, did you really think PR would win?

From what i’ve seen over social media over the last few months, I thought that PR would win more seats. I believed that there would be a bigger change, I believed that the people would put into action what they were so vocal (online) about. But then I stopped myself and looked at the people in my social circles, the people I interact with online. We are a tiny, tiny middle class online savvy minority. It is because your social circle expected a certain outcome that you did too. But we do not represent the majority, and we don’t even interact with them. Do you really expect to predict how they will vote? My father is Sarawakian, and I lived there for many years of my life. I lived in Kuching, but I know that in the interior and rural areas there are so many Malaysians who are not like you, who are not like me. Did I expect them to vote for PR, no. Did I expect them to vote for BN, yes. Why? Because that is all they see, that is what they know, the bribe money that they get means so much to them because they have close to nothing. And it’s sad to say that that is the majority that we do not know.

So instead of turning your profile pictures black, if you really believe in change and the party you support, start planning now. Start the campaign to win the hearts of the people outside the urban areas, the people in the heartland. We know what’s going on, they don’t. Go talk to them.

And Malaysians, get to know the other Malaysia. Don’t criticise them for voting the way they feel is right. Speak to them, get to know them, understand their plight, their needs, their wants. Then campaign to them, the urbanites are practically campaigning for you already.

And don’t wait until a few months before the elections to campaign. Start now. Start fighting for measures to be put in place for a better electoral system now. Start making those in power more accountable for their actions. Start making your candidates accountable for the promises they made. Stop allowing mudslinging and racism and sexism to flourish in our government. You won’t stand for it, make your candidate not stand for it. Make them fight for a proper democracy over the next 5 years. Then we can see a change. It doesn’t happen overnight. it doesn’t come with one day every five years. And it definitely won’t come if you give up.

And make the change in you.
You want our politicians to stop being racist and sexist, then stop doing it yourself.
You want our government to stop being corrupt, then stop corruption in your own life.
You want cleanliness and transparency in our country, live clean, live transparent.
You are one of the atoms that make up Malaysia, don’t ask for the changes that you don’t live by.
Don’t be a hypocrite and ask the people in power to be any different from you.

Take the small victories. No one ever said that the journey would be short or easy.
Did anyone ever think that PR would make inroads into the birthplace of UMNO, Johor? I didn’t, but they did.
Did anyone expect 80% of registered voters to turn out to vote? I didn’t, but they did.

In 2003, BN won 198 seats.
In 2008, BN won 140 seats.
In 2013, BN won (as of time of posting) 132 seats (with 6 seats uncalled).
So whatever it is, it is still a small victory for PR.
And now the question is what will the numbers be in 2018?

Gandhi took 32 years to fight for independence.
Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for 27 years in the fight to end apartheid.

And we’ve been trying for what 10 years?
Come on Malaysia, grow up.
Yes, you’re sad, but a fight is a fight, it goes on.

Democracy doesn’t happen overnight, democracy is a journey.
Just because there are hurdles and obstacles in your way doesn’t mean you give up.
You train for the next race.
And maybe that one you’ll win.

“Lose the battle, win the war”
‘Art of War’ – Sun-Tzu

[Source : Facebook]