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I fell in love with Rainie Yang 楊丞琳 again. Failed to notice her during her days in 4 in Love. Started following her since the days of 我猜 when her hit track 暧昧 emerged and now I’m totally impressed with her latest track – 為愛啟程 Love Voyage where she reprised 12 classics of 12 well known female singers in the Chinese music entertainment scene

為愛啟程 Love Voyage - Rainie Yang 楊丞琳

The concept of this specific song is the same as 古巨基 Leo Ku’s 勁歌金曲 and 情歌王.

The songs reprised by Rainie Yang 楊丞琳 in her latest track are :
Faye Wong 王菲 – 天空
Jolin Tsai 蔡依林 – 倒帶
A-Mei 張惠妹 – 我要快樂
Sandy Lam 林憶蓮 – 傷痕
Elva Hsiao 蕭亞軒 – 最熟悉的陌生人
Karen Mok 莫文蔚 – 陰天
Coco Lee 李玟 – 暗示
Sammi Cheng 鄭秀文 – 值得
Stefanie Sun 孫燕姿 – 我懷念的
Tanya Chua 蔡健雅 – 拋物線
Fish Leong 梁靜茹 – 勇氣
Rene Liu 劉若英 – 後來

楊丞琳 Rainie Yang definitely deserves a place in hall of fame for Chinese Music!!!

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