Abuse Case brought to Facebook – Calven Chik & Amanda Fong

UPDATE : 5th September 2012
5 September 2012 – Both Calven Chik & Amanda Fong shared their side of story. MalaysianDigest. ChinaPress.

UPDATE : 4th September 2012

Both Calven & Amanda have updated public status on their Facebook profiles since the case went viral yesterday.

2AM – Calven Chik posted a message someone (Juanne Ong) sent him on Facebook. Link1
3PM – Amanda Fong posted a message to acknowledge the support she gets online. Link1

Really liked the message Juanne Ong sent to Calven and decided to put the whole message here below :

Dear Calven and Amanda,
I dont know both of u, and not side anyone, just analyst of both of which may not discover point… Just happened that my friend shared your video in my link.

If both of you can just take a deep breath, and read my advise on the below:

Calven, i believed you still love your wife, Amanda, what you have did wrong are you have lost control by beating her. I know you are mad at that time, but you should hug her instead by stoping her to go out. I know at the beginning, you are try to stop her from going out, but do you know, in all wide’s world, if beating by husband, the word divorce can easily come across their mind as she will worry there will be 2nd or 3rd times or never ending in her life, no more secure..No matter what she did, you must understand that she is pregnancy now with your baby, and pregnancy women usually will easy to get emotional, and these times you must comfort her instead of against her. U should apologize to her, get her to forgive you…

Amanda, from what I go thru on both of your profiles, I believed both of you are very in love to each others when the time you get married, and he is so caring just to cheer you up with those macaroon and I believed he really love you.

Of course I can’t judge anything, just to ask you to calm yourself down and think what is the root cause all these fights. Money, baby, 3rd party or ….From the video which may wrongly label part 1 n part 2, can see he is trying to stop you to go out, may be both of you are in ” cold war” but may be by his action by pushing you, and you are pregnant now and these also will cause you emotional lost control, and less confident.

Both of you are too young to set up a family, but since when you said” I Do” means you both are ready to face all the challenges, married life not just only I love you or you love me, is more to both of different brought up how to compromise to live together, and these also involved patience, forgiveness, caring, sharing, trust and love… Is not easy, and not just complain each others fault.

Both of you are perfect matching couple, with young age can set up own business, these proof that both of you are very smart with capability.

Don’t just at look at what bad in him/her, look at what’s good in him/her. Which made you fall in love with him/her… It will reduce the “hate” inside both of you.

Ok, now, just ask yourself again, do you still love him/her..

If you do, apologizes to each others before too late, be remember whatever you promised not to do or change now, must keep the promised. Stage by stage will make perfect marriage. Just remember, marriage is only both of you, whatever decision made is also both of you.

God bless both of you!!

Original Post : 

Okay, just yesterday, a disturbing video appeared on my Facebook stream. The video shows a guy hitting a girl in a shop through CCTV footage.

Uploader of the video – Amanda Fong claimed to be the victim shown in the video and the him she described on Facebook is actually her husband – Calven Chik

What was shown on Facebook by Amanda is a case of abuse with video and pictures as prove.

A bit of browsing shows Calven Facebook profile page and well, he has his side of story to tell as well.

Judging from the public posts made by both parties on Facebook, the whole incident burst out on the 23rd of August.

23 August 2012 – Amanda Fong uploaded a batch of pictures showing she was abused by her husband. link1
25 August 2012 – The husband, Calven made a public announcement stating that he is facing problems in his marriage and he puts the blame on his mother in law named Adelyn Yeoh/Lily Yeoh. link1
26-27 August 2012 – Calven posted more updates on the case and mentioned 1 extra name – Jaslyn Yeoh. link1, link2, link3, link4, link5,
30-31 August 2012 – Amanda Fong uploaded 3 videos in total onto Facebook showing prove that Calven has mistreated/abused her. link1, link2, link3
2 September 2012 – Amanda Fong posted more updates where most of it were related to Amanda & Co. business directing everyone to Calven with lots of negative remarks about him. link1, link2, link3, link4, link5

From the posts, we can conclude that :
Amanda Fong Kim Yen is 19 years old and 2 months pregnant and her husband is Calven Chik Foo Keong. Amanda & Co. is a business run by both Calven and Amanda in Ipoh and they have 600+ fans on Facebook. Calven & Amanda blame each other on monetary theft. Calven drives a BMW320i with the number plate AHD1678.

Personally, I don’t know what to say about this whole incident. It’s so ugly beyond repairable and with the both of them taking it all up to Facebook putting posts for the public eyes to judge, it justs amplifies the whole case.

You know, they were once a happy couple. Even Calven was excited being a dad before this.

Now, all I can see is the tree.

Sometimes I wonder, is it a bad thing that social media has become an invisible barrier for couples. Relationships gone sour due to stuffs mentioned online, things that were mentioned too fast. Dark side of a couple brought up to public causing uproar amongst outsiders who knows nothing at all on what’s really happening. Social pressure placed on the shoulders of the one whom everyone blames at.

Sad case. Moral of the story, you tell me. Sigh.

  1. Hi there, would just like to comment also.. i do agree with what Miss Evelyn Chong Tse Yeen mentioned as above..

    That both have responsibilities of what had happened.. Arguing, shouting, swearing and of course fighting will not put the matter at rest no matter what..
    Expecting public and strangers to support u, doesnt give u any happiness at all… And Yes u may share your story but at the end of the day.. Who has more ‘Likes’ on their post will not erase the pain that you both had once hurt each other.. 🙁

    i felt sorry for both Amanda and Calven.. whereby they used to love each other so much. made promises to spend the rest of their lives together.. to built up a family..
    But now, i guess they wont even wanna see each other again. Ever!

  2. Personally, I don’t know what to say about this whole incident. It’s so ugly beyond repairable and with the both of them taking it all up to Facebook putting posts for the public eyes to judge, it justs amplifies the whole case.

    i agrees with u. at last not just another guy who jumped on the bandwagon to crucify the guy just for the sake of it! yes, based on the video, he’s more or less dead and will probably end up in jail. but is it just me but no 1 wonders y the guy, who’s supposedly in love with his pregnant wife and decided to just whack her up for no particular reason? the ends may not justify the means, but i’m not jumping onto the crucifying bandwagon, not yet, until i get to know the other side of the story! if, and it’s a very big IF, the reason for the guy to run amok is bcuz he suffered from emotional torture from the girl, then u reap what u sow! in the meantime, let’s wait and see….

  3. hemm.. I dun know what to say.. but why want to show to all people ?? take attention and support ?? it must have big reason why it happend like this.. kesian you but.. I think it must have reason why your ex or husband become so bad at you…

  4. I just dont get what’s wrong with this couple. Anyhow, they shouldnt use violence to resolve whatever is going on between them or with the mother in law. The little baby is such an innocent thing. They shouldnt do things that will harm the baby (unless both of them doesnt want the baby anymore, which i wouldnt know). And now, facebook has becoming an ugly stage to them. When they are in love, there will be posting on their love and affection. But when they are in a rocky situation, they are bashing one another as if they are doing publicity on their current situation. I just couldnt understand people these days.

  5. Could’ve gotten worse. Imagine if the shop was playing Lil Jon’s stuff during the beating. Like “TO THE WINDOWWWWWWWWWWWWW TO THE WALLSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!”

    As funny as how the thing has gone viral, its still not right for a man to act like that. No matter how angry or bad the situation is during quarrel.

  6. Only cowards and motherfuckers hit their wives! Don’t worry we will settle this once and for all! It’s because of you bastards that made us looked bad. This is personal! I will make sure you will perish! So Calven Chik just watch out from now! “Accidents” do happen especially to wife beaters like you!

  7. Well of course he has an excuse – but whether it’s true or not, no matter how psychotic his wife allegedly is, he shouldn’t have beaten her. That said, incidents like this one probably happen everyday, some more serious than this, but no-one knows.. or would help the victims of abuse.
    Instead of hating on this one particular dude(which would not help a’tall), better expand your energies in helping the other unknown victims of abuse.

  8. I’m holding on no one’s side but all I see throughout this incident was 2 childish couple hypo-crating each other through the social media world. If it is so serious, save up the clips, go to court and sue each other la, why defend yourself so much by tweeting Facebook statuses telling the whole world that how much you guys hit each other?

    it is so pathetic to see most of the publics are reacting one sided without investigating the truth before they backfire the whole thing and make it worse. People like us who are commenting often play an important role in affecting the whole incident’s development, and the harm caused to both parties in this incident. Sometimes we just talk without going through our brain, and indirectly it causes impact to make things worse.

    I was wondering too why wouldn’t the girl explain why on Earth a man with normal sense of rationality could beat up his wife. let alone a pregnant lady. There must be a reason behind everything, so please don’t comment blindly.

  9. Whathever is it, i felt both of them should bring their family biz offline. If you want to get cheap publicity how bad is your relationship, call off your relationship and make a official divorce in court. Those days our aamah and aapa gets married in young age and no one seems to be posting about family matter on the wall in public. Dont ever allow a third person interfere or make decision in your family matter including own mother. Whatever you do, shit, or fuck, keep it only between your four walls (bedroom) . If there was a mutual understanding between husband and wife, even fart problem can be resolve.

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