NASA found 2nd Earth – Kepler 22-b

It is 600 light years away and it’s 2.4 times the size of earth. The closest confirmed planet like ours.


During the conference at which the result was announced, the Kepler team also said that it had spotted some 1,094 new candidate planets – nearly doubling the telescope’s haul of potential far-flung worlds.

Kepler 22-b was one of 54 exoplanet candidates in habitable zones reported by the Kepler team in February, and is just the first to be formally confirmed using other telescopes.

More of these “Earth 2.0” candidates are likely to be confirmed in the near future, though a redefinition of the habitable zone’s boundaries has brought that number down to 48. Ten of those are Earth-sized.
Source : Kepler 22-b: Earth-like planet confirmed

Don’t know whether it’s true, will never know about it either LOL but i choose to believe that there’s another Joshua Ong living in a parallel universe and he’s a freaking awesome dude! HAHAHA.

Jom Let’s Go Kepler 22-b!