Not long ago, i saw 2 interesting tweet (Refer to second picture of the post)

Sometimes, people thinks that being a blogger is easy. You get invitation to cover an event/blog about something. Hurray = AWESOME, HAPPENING!


Cover an event – A
Blog about something – B

A – You either PAY for public transportation fare or PAY for petrol money driving there yourself. Endure the weird looks by mainstream media people with gossips going on behind if it’s a media event. Then you need to take pictures/record video. – B

B – Squeeze your brain juice to blog what you are suppose to blog about. This includes picture extracting/hunting –> editing –> resizing –> uploading or video extracting –> resizing –> rendering –> uploading then writing points and construct it together then posting it up.

Some posts have deadlines, some are free and easy but hey it TAKES HOURS and EFFORTS completing a blog post.

If you who works in a company behind a brand thinks that a blog is worthy of advertising your product/promoting your event, then you better treat these bloggers well, please don’t expect they will do everything for free. They are human, they have bills to pay, they need to live their life and they DO NOT WORK FOR YOU FULLTIME.

I understand if it’s a favor but favors can’t be done ALL THE TIME right? There has to be a limit.

No i’m not a big time blogger nor do i have sky rocket high traffic but hey i know how things work behind the scene. It’s quite sad seeing some bloggers who really spent their time doing all sorts of things to make a blog post look so awesome but get treated like shit at the end with no clear explanation.

*Oh btw, a lot of bloggers out there have a daily job/study life. If they decline you politely, do not blame them and say all sorts of shits claiming they are all ‘action’ & etc. AGAIN, they are not your slave. =)



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