HK TVB Drama – Lives of Omission 潛行狙擊

Watching TVB Drama series is one of my favorite past times as i remember sitting down with my family in front of the TV during dinner catching up with the episodes when i was still a kid. For a period of time, we stopped doing so and eventually i have no idea on any TVB dramas till college times when exchanging series with college-mates seems to be a norm in TARC.

Since then, i’ve been watching different TVB Dramas (selectively) over the years. The Academy is one of the most successful drama series franchise from TVB which spans over 3 seasons.

The Academy 學警雄心 – 2005, 32 Episodes
On The First Beat 學警出更 – 2007, 30 Episodes
E.U Emergency Unit 學警狙擊 – 2009, 30 Episodes

In E.U Emergency Unit 學警狙擊, a specific character, ‘Laughing Gor’ played by Michael Tse 谢天华 stood out and gained huge popularity where it became the talk of the city in Hong Kong. There was also positive responses in areas around the world where the series was broadcast-ed. Many people who watched the series had a very good impression on ‘Laughing Gor’. I’m one of them. =D

That being said, i just finished a recent TVB drama Lives of Omission 潛行狙擊 (30 Episodes). The movie Turning Point : Laughing Gor 之变节(2009) and this series is a spin-off from the original ‘The Academy’ series with ‘Laughing Gor’ as the main character played by Michael Tse 谢天华.

Characters :
Michael Tse 谢天华 as Laughing / SSGT. Leung Siu-tong (梁笑棠),
the station sergeant of CIB. Before joining CIB in 2011, Laughing worked as an undercover for many years in different triad organisations.

Bosco Wong 黃宗澤 as Michael “Crippled Co” So (蘇星柏),
Laughing’s informant and later main boss of the Yee Fung triad.

Fala Chen 陈法拉 as SIP. Jodie “Madam Jo” Chau (周望晴)
The senior inspector of CIB.

Kate Tsui 徐子珊 as Paris Yiu (姚可可)
A barrister novice and Michael’s girlfriend.

Damian Lau 劉松仁 as SSP. Harry Kung (鞏家培)
The senior superintendent of CIB.

Elena Kong 江美儀 as Yuen Kwan-lam (袁君嵐)
An ex-convict who was sentenced to twenty years of prison.

Ben Wong 黃智賢 as Lat Keung / Tang Kwok-ban (辣薑 / 鄧國彬)
A leader and member of the Yee Fung triad (who is later revealed to be an undercover police officer also)

Cheung Kwok-keung 張國強 as Mok Yat-lit (莫一烈)
The main leader of the Yee Fung triad.

Derek Kok 郭政鴻 as Dog Head / SGT. Szeto Hoi (狗頭 / 司徒凱)
A CIB sergeant.

Jin Au-yeung 歐陽靖 as Lap Ching / Officer Yeung Lap-ching (蠟青 / 楊立青)
An undercover trainee mentored by Laughing.

Mandy Wong 黃智雯 as Officer Vicky “Ah Mung” Mung (阿檬 / 蒙心凌)
An undercover trainee mentored by Madam Jo.

Daniel Chau 周志康 as Young Master Kit / Officer Suen Siu-kit (杰少 / 孫少杰)
An undercover trainee mentored by Laughing, Fong Chun-long’s younger twin brother.

Adrian Chau 周志文 as Fire Dragon / Fong Chun-long (火龍 / 方俊龍)
A new member of the Yee Fung triad, Suen Siu-Kit’s older twin brother.

Bella Lam 林穎彤 as Bubble / Officer Lam Po-tim (林寶甜)
An undercover trainee mentored by Laughing.

Ronald Law 羅鈞滿 as T Two / Officer Kwok Ting-tin (郭定天)
An undercover trainee mentored by Madam Jo

Tat Dik 狄易達 as Aidan Kung (鞏樂勤)
Harry’s teenage son.

Main focus was still on the 4 main characters which consists of Michael Tse 谢天华 as Laughing / SSGT. Leung Siu-tong (梁笑棠), Bosco Wong 黃宗澤 as Michael “Crippled Co” So (蘇星柏), Fala Chen 陈法拉 as SIP. Jodie “Madam Jo” Chau (周望晴) and Kate Tsui 徐子珊 as Paris Yiu (姚可可). Complications of each different characters be it either personality, relationship, mindset & etc were well told in the series itself. The 4 of them represents 2 couples, i prefer Michael So + Paris Yiu.

Loved how they linked Jodie from this series to Karen, Laughing’s girlfriend in the movie Turning Point in 2009. Thought that Jodie’s character could have more space to improve. The experienced actors/actress were as usual, good. The newer ones were pretty weird at times, some of the acting weren’t good. However, to my surprise, Jin Au-yeung 歐陽靖 was cast in this series as Lap Ching / Officer Yeung Lap-ching (蠟青 / 楊立青). He’s the hidden gem in the drama.

Noticed this person many years ago, knew he went to HK in recent years to work on his music. Go YouTube MCJin and Google more about him, a legendary figure to me in the US Rapper/Hip Hop scene. =)

Story Synopsis :
Working as an undercover for many years, Laughing (Michael Tse) escapes from all calamity. Two years ago, he underwent special training to become a mute and worked in mainland China as an undercover. Closely working with the mainland Chinese police, Laughing successfully busts an illegal armed weaponry organisation and resumes his identity as a police officer in Hong Kong. He is appointed as head instructor of the Criminal Intelligence Bureau (CIB), specialising in seeking and training CIB recruits in undercover work.

Laughing, however, is unable to adapt to the stress in the discipline of police life and becomes a rogue cop. To get his jobs done quicker, he hires the gangster Michael So (Bosco Wong) as his informant. On the surface, Laughing and Michael appear to be good brothers, but in fact both have their own purpose, mutually taking advantage of one another. Feeling as if Laughing is holding him back from “moving up” in the triad, Michael betrays Laughing and decides to work alone. To tackle down the triad’s crimes, Laughing applies to be an undercover once again.


Summary :
I loved the character ‘Laughing Gor’ since 2009, so of course, i’ll like this series as well. But hey, if you watch this on its own, it’s quite a good production. First, they have a good storyline with quite a few interesting highlights in it, sub-plots were divided nicely where they all merge back focusing on the main characters leading to the end of the story.

The ending was a bit shocking though, can’t seem to digest it even now that i’ve finished the series since 2 days ago. It could be interpret as a good ending but of course, a lot of viewers (including me) wished that it didn’t end that way.

Can’t wait for the movie Laughing Gor之潛罪犯!!

4/5 for Lives of Omission

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