Everyone has three lives

“Everyone has three lives: a public life, a private life, and a secret life.”
Gabriel García Márquez

Social networking has changed everything inside out from left to right on how things work and how people react to almost every single little thing around. It’s quite fascinating actually, in fact, it’s evolving too fast that by the time i fully get hold of a single concept, those tech giants will come out with thousands more new concept to keep you spending more time with them.

INSANE. and scary at the same time. As time pass, i have this insecurity inside but i’m loving it at the same time. Funny but true, we’re one step closer. In combining all lives together.

Whoops, I didn’t mean for you to read this – Good read.

Btw, this is one single interesting fact about Facebook – The ultimate stalking monster.

“Facebook does not track users across the web,” a Facebook spokesperson said in a statement. “Instead, we use cookies on social plugins to personalize content (e.g. Show you what your friends liked), to help maintain and improve what we do (e.g. Measure click-through rate), or for safety and security (e.g. Keeping underage kids from trying to signup with a different age). No information we receive when you see a social plugins is used to target ads, we delete or anonymize this information within 90 days, and we never sell your information.
Source : Facebook denies cookie tracking allegations

Sooner or later, Facebook will become like Skynet in Terminator. LOL!