Sung-Bong Choi of Korea’s Got Talent went viral reaching Major Online News Sites!

Remember this 12 years old Mongolian boy named Wu Da Mu 乌达木 which i’ve posted earlier?

Today, i noticed something similar. A whole lot of people on my Facebook friend list posted this specific same video featuring a guy who joined Korea’s Got Talent. His name is Sung-bong Choi. Like a lot of contestants of such reality competition out there who strive to make a difference in their lives, he has his own side of story as well. A sad one.

At the age of 3, he was sent to the orphanage. After enduring a series of abuse there, he fled. He was 5. Without a proper place to live in, i wonder how he survived the next 10 years by just selling stuffs along the street.

His story is worth the tears of many but wait till you listen to his vocals. Immediately, people like Susan Boyle & Lin Yu Chun 林育群 appeared in my head. Watch the video below!

Sung Bong Choi, 22, had never performed in front of a large audience before. In fact, the South Korean, orphaned at the age of 3, had been homeless for much of his life. But his rendition of the Italian song “Nella Fantasia” or “In My Fantasy” on a popular South Korean talent show has made him into an instant Internet sensation, drawing immediate comparisons to the likes of singers Susan Boyle and Paul Potts.
Source : ABC News

This video was posted on the 4th of June 2011 and has half a million views and counting. His story now reaches overseas where the video appeared on major online news sites such as ABC News, CNN, CBS News, TIME & etc.
*I personally watched this video like around 10 times…. =(

It doesn’t really matters anymore that will he succeed in Korea’s Got Talent. His voice have probably reached millions around the world and again, people are reminded to be thankful.

Appreciate the things around. You’ll be happier! =)

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