MAS Traveller Party + The Unexpected Luggage

Thank GOD i knew a few people with a other familiar faces that night, if not i’ll be in my own world wandering around like a lost sheep.

So i found myself in this venue which ‘makes people sweat’ with quite a number of people up on a hill in Kuala Lumpur. Placing myself amongst the ones i talked to more makes me a bit more comfy but i still feel strange.

It’s been quite long since i last enjoy going to such events. Can’t really string it up into a specific sentence but yeah it’s a pretty weird feeling.

The host – MAS did quite a good job if you ask me, providing free food & drinks with some other mini activities and oh, there’s even some performances. Too bad the ‘lost’ mode was activated for me that i didn’t pay much attention on what’s really happening.

Well anyways, Congrats to Malaysia Airlines – MAS for putting this up.

THIS i mean – Malaysia Airlines puts full booking, check-in, seat pick into Facebook

Didn’t really go through A-Z but it’s quite impressive to me. At the moment.

Anyways, check out the info-graphic below on How Airlines Use Twitter. It might interest you. =)

Sometimes, you do not need to do a lot of stuffs to impress the crowd, complicating things doesn’t really helps build the big picture leading towards the ultimate goal…

Spanair -Unexpected luggage

A simple idea that would touch people’s heart bringing that smile. That’s the only thing that matters. =)

Btw, back to the event itself, thinking twice, know what?

Maybe i’m too used to ‘socializing’ behind the computer. Need more ‘Face to Face’ session. Reactivate the button which i’d abandon for quite some time?
*Thanks Nuffnang for the invitation to this event. =)


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