DiGi Live K-Pop Party 2011 feat. BEAST, 4 MINUTE & G.NA @ Stadium Negara

DiGi Live K-Pop Party 2011 is the first concert/showcase i attended featuring Korean artists which includes BEAST, 4 Minute and G.NA / Gina Choi.

Alright, it’s not actually a ‘concert’ but just a showcase where it lasted less than 1 hour combining the acts from 2 groups and 1 artists from Cube Entertainment Korea.

Scheduled to start at 8.00PM, the showcase only started around 8.30PM after the emcee hold the stage for 30 minutes followed an opening act by a local artists.

G.NA was the first to come out among the 3 different performers from Cube Entertainment and she’s the main reason why i decided to attend this event at the very last minute. Loved her vocals and felt that she was underrated amongst the Korean artists since the first time i was introduced to her many months back.

Too bad her performance was the shortest amongst the 3 but i was happy enough to see her singing live. =D

4 Minute performed after that with a series of songs which includes I My Me Mine, Highlight, Hot Issue & etc. Saw their videos on YouTube before and noticed some mentions on them occasionally but didn’t really know them that well.

Of course, their performance were good and it was nice watching them from near in front of the stage. I don’t know why but sometimes, i think such group should be bigger than Wonder Girls. Just a thought.

Last but not least. BEAST or B2ST which i don’t know what’s the difference. Anyways, this specific group gained the loudest cheers and shouts!

Even before they came out, all the fan girls were crazily pulling their lungs out and they got even more hyped up when BEAST came up on stage to perform!

Overall, the showcase is a successful one i think and DiGi & Marctensia have done a good job in bringing them in for the fans. Would love to see more of such acts in the future but please, make it longer okay?

40 – 60 minutes(Excluding the conversations in between + the local opening act) is really too short for 3 different acts on stage. T_T

Thomas, JamieLiew, KimWeiWei, Me

Oh and before i forget, BIG THANKS again to Thomas Yap for the ticket!!! Really didn’t think that i could go and attend this. =D

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Videos During the Showcase :
G.Na – ‘꺼져 줄게 잘 살아 / I’ll Back Off So You Can Live Better @ DiGi Live K-pop Party 2011
G.Na / Gina Choi – Supa Solo @ DiGi Live K-pop Party 2011
4 Minute – Highlight (27 Secs) @ DiGi Live K-pop Party 2011
4 Minute- I My Me Mine @ DiGi Live K-pop Party 2011
4 Minute- Hot Issue @ DiGi Live K-pop Party 2011
BEAST / B2ST – Shock @ DiGi Live K-pop Party 2011
BEAST / B2ST – 숨 SOOM (Breath) @ DiGi Live K-pop Party 2011
BEAST / B2ST – Beautiful @ DiGi Live K-pop Party 2011
BEAST / B2ST – V.I.U.(Very Important You) @ DiGi Live K-pop Party 2011

  1. it went on for more than 1 hour la..abt 1 hr 10mins liddat.
    4minute not 4minutes lolx~

    say thank you. i intro u to her wan! n shes underrated cuz she just had her debut not long ago. shes doing very well actually for a rookie.

    1. hahhaa if include the conversation in between and the opening act by the local artist then yes la, if purely on their performance then no lur =X

      yaya thanks to u i love G.Na!!!!!!!!!!!!! heheheh

      btw corrected the error d, lol drafted the post past midnight, blehhhh

      1. Cheer up, ^^ Maybe you’re just tired from the whole concert. It just needs a bit more elboration about the set, how the crowd acts, etc

  2. agak2 kalo UMM tgk website ni, kena saman x tuan punya website ni? kompem kena saman juta2.. hahaha… just hati2 je la jgn smpi UMM tgk website ni… sbb all the video under their HAK CIPTA TERPELIHARA for this concert…

    1. Biasanya mereka akan bagi ‘warning’ untuk remove content dulu, kalo i tak remove mereka baru saman. kalo mereka betul2 tgk post ni dan tak bagi i post videos tersebut, i akan delete video2 tersebut. =)

  3. Thanks for the account~

    By the way for the line :”I don’t know why but sometimes, i think such group should be bigger than Wonder Girls.”, theres only 1 way i can reply you, U NEED TO CHECK OUT THE REAL WONDER GIRLS~ there must be a reason for someone to be bigger than someone~

    HAHAH by the way 4minute still rocked!! ROCKS!!!
    4min jus debuted not long ago~
    Hope 4min can be as big as WG too in a few years~

    1. hahah 1 thing i could explain why is when Wonder Girls first came out, they do not have THAT much competition like now haha so they stood out eventually =D but yea hope 4min can be as big as WG in the future =D

  4. WOA~ ur camera..nice~ .lol~ kekeke
    btw,,kyaa~! this concert is superb even it is quite short~ but it is JJANG! did u go to the tv show in MIST BANGSAR?

  5. ”I don’t know why but sometimes, i think such group should be bigger than Wonder Girls.” agree..LOL~

    i’m fan WG & 4Minute..
    4Minute debut in competitive era where a lot girl group make a success frame.. huhu.. BUT i’m believed that 4Minute can be like WG coz they are also Hallyu star.. ^-^

  6. hey u! such a clear pictures and vids you got hereee!
    thanks so much for uploading! i dont have many good vids thou i bring dslr and other cams.LOL rightt.got distracted by beast! hee

    and hey what camera did u use?i was being warned by too many guards.i hate em.i dont like concert that being held in stadium negara because the stadium is so small.unlike stadium putra bukit jalil, even big and long debuted group like super junior, the guards dont even care whether u bring along camcoder or dslr inside. if u passed the entrance,they u passed la.

    ahaha.please give me tips for next concert.biebs yeahh 😀 hee
    stadium negara again =_=”

    1. No probs, am happy u liked it =D

      I used Lumix LX3 that time in the concert hehehe, tips? Hmm there’s no specific tips, i’m just a noob aha =X

  7. ok,,u love 4 min..bla3…but stop putting shit about why wg is bigger…because they are better of course…in so many ways,,,how do you think 4 min can ever beat wg…yubin vs hyuna=yubin(everyone knows yubin pawns hyuna’s rap) yeeun vs gayoon=it’s like obvious who have better vocals sohee vs maknae=wait..who’s the cutest kpop idol again?(sohee) sunye vs jiyeon=sunye wins in terms of vocals,personality,beuty lastly, lim vs whoever the last person is=lim(she’s intelligent,her eng is superb,she raps,she sings,she’s cute) and how can 4min become bigger than wg?even in korea they don’t recieve so much love…and to beat the world star?? oooo i don’t think so… so,,stop wondering…cuz it’s obvious…*—-*

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