22 Yrs Old Malaysian Alviss Kong jumped off a building committing suicide after leaving a Facebook Message

Saw a tweet yesterday in the afternoon taking about this guy Alviss Kong who committed suicide because of relationship problems. There wasn’t any official news report that time and all i know is just someone on twitter saying that it’s true with reliable source.

It was until hours ago that i saw this news report on Chinapress, a local Chinese Newspaper reporting about it that the guy passed away 9AM in the morning just yesterday.

At around 11.15PM on Wednesday night, he posted a message on Facebook talking about a 45 minutes countdown.

He also wrote a note on Facebook, probably his last note in his life that is.

Seriously, this is a very bad example to many people out there and it’s really very saddening to know about it.

Alviss Kong officially announced/started his relationship with his girlfriend on the 26th of July 2010 and the whole relationship lasted only 4 months where it ended early this month. This is ONLY Alviss’s second relationship and he’s ONLY 22. Sigh.

and above is a recent blog post by his girlfriend expressing her feelings after the breakup stating that all is left behind is their memories where it’s impossible for them to be together again.

Both the girlfriend’s blog and facebook is private at the moment.

This is the second case in Malaysia where a Facebook message was posted online before the person committed suicide due to relationship problems.

I’m gonna repeat again that this is a really saddening matter and doing so is really a very bad example to a lot of people out there where there might be people of same experiences/thoughts who want to follow after the victim’s footsteps.


Alviss Kong’s last words to his Sister Chelvin Kong

Sigh the girlfriend must be in depression at the moment. How about the family members? 22 years taking care of him ended just because of that 4 months short relationship.


Reading various tweets about him is saddening as well…


*To those who knows the link to the GF’s Blog or Twitter, i think it’s best not to publicly share it as she’s probably the saddest person in the world now.
**Alviss Kong’s cousin brother posted that later, there’ll be a ceremony for Alviss at the Kwong Tong Cemetery 广东义山, Kuala Lumpur which will last the whole day starting from 10AM in the morning.

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  1. it is no use to blame anyone now. what’s done can’t be undone. but let it be a lesson to the living. we often don’t appreciate what we have until it’s gone. my sis committed suicide 6-7 years ago because her husband divorced her. Till now, the gap she left in our family can never be filled. Although love can hurt so much, give time, and it can heal. by taking one’s own life, it’s really throwing away a gift- The gift of life. And it is really selfish to those who loves you so much.

    An ex boyfriend once warned me, if I break up with him, he’ll commit suicide. After being with him for 2 years, I broke up anyway after he went overseas. love just cannot be forced. Just give yourself a chance and time, and you will find someone you love and loves you back as much.

    Please, young people, you will be the parents of tomorrow. There is more to life that you should discover, relish, explore. If you nurture yourself to be lovable, you will get so much love in return from many-family, friends, teachers, classmates, colleagues, strangers, from pets. And you will find that it’s such a wonderful feeling.

    I have also failed my exam, broke up after 7 year relationship, was homeless before, my parents divorced, my sister suicided, my stepfather molested me, and my family is endlessly in money troubles. If I let the troubles get over my head, I would have committed suicide long ago. I’m glad I didn’t. Because now I’m having the time of my life.

    Life is too precious. Please treasure it. Learn to forgive, to forget, to give love and not expect anything in return, to receive love in many other forms. And learn to treasure others in your life too. Then life can be more meaningful and beautiful.

  2. I wonder if I ever died did any one of you fool will wish me RIP or pay me respect as the same as you all gave to him….respect him? Hello? Do you actually related or know him? Its some random guy from Facebook. Talking about influence of social network….gezz show gratitude to him? Why don’t you pity homeless people or go do your own charity

  3. People already died. There is nothing can be change the fact. But commit suicide for love is a very stupid way. Myself tried to attempt suicide by taking pills too. But what change the different? If I die today, my family will be sad but that “heartless” people will still get another partner soon. People always look forward.
    It was so wasted and sad that he’s being so selfish to die just like that. He can ignored the world by “death”. But the people who stay alive will only live in misery. If he really loves his gal, he still can fight back for the love and not choose the path to hell and makes everyone feel guilty. .sigh…

  4. hope that this post will be deleted. Its is heartbreaking to read it. really sympathise on his family and friends and they don’t need this post to publicise the tragedy. Leave them alone

  5. 你今天所做的一切我不觉得你笨,你所做的一切是付出你的真心而已,不像别的男人嘴巴说的好做就难, 这世上有几个人没自杀过的念头? 只是想通了,才不自杀…还有没勇气….自杀的勇气…不是每个人都做到的…

  6. i dun blame him either its not fully his fault i will blame the girl 200% dun make a relationship with someone and u are not prepares to face the consequences……May God bless Alviss Kong and his family

      1. dude why would u blame the girl everyone break up and it happen somtime love dont last forever maybe she feel its right to leave him everyone have freedom so dont blame the girl you dumb fuck!!

    1. Do you know the whole true story?? if not how could you just simply jump into conclusion and blame the girl? love is both side, it may be sincere and it works this minute, but may later discover it doesn’t match. No one can be blamed in love world

    2. aiyo don’t blame that girl la..what happened between them how much do we know… what if just because the girl cant forget her ex.. and think it is only fair to break up? and after break up with him she didnt feel sad how much we can really sure.. :/

    3. Blame the girl? You must have watched too many Chinese/Korean (take your pick) dramas. And like Alviss, you need to go back to school to improve your English. LOL.

  7. I do not know whether this is a correct action or otherwise, but I express my sympathy to whatever that happens.

    I understand that love is something that is interpreted very differently by different peoples. That is the reason why sometimes people weigh love heavier than others do. For him to have made this decision, it means that this girl’s acknowledgment of his love is very important to him, so much important that he puts his love beyond his life.

    He ended his life to show the woman how much he loves her. For this, I pay him my respects. Of course, I am not encouraging others to imitate him. I am only saying that the ruler in his heart measures love much more further than most of others.

  8. I blame whoever
    a) taught /pressured him into thinking that girlfriends are necessary
    b) inflated his ego or made him feel so insecure that not having a girlfriend is worth dying over.
    c) makes a big deal of breakup (and the resulting suicides, depression etc.) when there are so many worse things in life to jump off a building for

    Blaming is fun!

  9. It seems to me though what he did was purely for revenge. Who would post their own photo before suicide anyway ? Surely the photo isn’t for his parents or friends. It’s for his gf to remember him by. Good way to strike guilt into that girl and give her a ‘timeless’ memory. People got to stop thinking what he did as ‘wai dai’ and honorable. Gee…

    1. But what i know is, the girl will be haunted within a time period . after 5 years perhaps, she will forget him . LET’S JUST HOPE NOT . I WANT THAT GIRL TO SUFFER !

  10. Seriously the dumb ass for this quarter and likely for the next few quarters of 2011 as well

    You jump and the mess you leave for your family, not to imagine the embarrassment …

    StupId dumb asshole..

  11. this people is crazy noooob soooo crazy him so stupid he mom and dad take care him give her money go to school give him eat but him so suck……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………

  12. Looks like he chose easy way instead hard way. What a selfish person! I dont pity him only pity his family.

  13. I’ve always believed you are responsible for your own life. Whatever circumstances comes to you in life, it is a matter of how you react towards it. He’s 22, not 2; he should have some sense of maturity to take responsibility over his own life. Such profound stupidity.

    thanks for posting this josh, provided some sort of clarity amidst all the rumors i’m reading 🙂

  14. With that mess of a haircut and being a complete lame-o in general, he deserved to die. Yeay, one less car on the road! Less jam!!! xD

  15. Yay, try telling the Devil you died over a gal. See if he gives a shit. Hope he has the balls to endure an eternity of pain and suffering like how he had the balls to jump off a building.

  16. The world ain’t all sunshine and rainbows. It’s a very mean and nasty place and it don’t care how tough you are it will beat you to your knees and keep you there permanently if you let it. You, me, or nobody is gonna hit as hard as life. But it ain’t about how hard ya hit. It’s about how hard you can get it and keep moving forward. How much you can take and keep moving forward. That’s how winning is done! Now if you know what you’re worth then go out and get what you’re worth. But ya gotta be willing to take the hits, and not pointing fingers saying you ain’t where you wanna be because of him, or her, or anybody! Cowards do that and that ain’t you! You’re better than that!

  17. calm down…everyone knows fall out love is one of the biggest stress u have in life…cant u just see he was in depression..i mean a clinical depression.. and no one founds it out.. and problem just worsen.. cause when someone going to suicide it takes GREAT courage.. and when he thinks he has no problem at all means he doesn’t have sane mind already… i mean having clinical depression..thatz why i think btw :X

    1. GREAT courage to commit suicide??? I’m sorry my friend but I beg to differ. IT TAKES UNSURMOUNTABLE COURAGE TO STAND UP FROM FAILURE!!
      Now that is the courage humanity needs. Having balls to kill yourself? PLEASE.

  18. I really prayed hard for the soul of Alviss. He who take is own life will be barred from Heaven and the arms of Jesus. He is condemned to Hell forever.

  19. i dont know whose fault is it but he was so young and handsome too he would have gotten a better girl…….May you rest in peace though

  20. this fella deserves no respect.. never had he ever think for his family, do not blame the girl wholly.. how would you react if someone confess for 5 freaking times? and really feel bad for cheras ketumbar height residents, especially the car owner that he landed on

  21. I really pity his parents for having such a selfish son!to die for a 4months relationship is just pure stupidity!!!!how would his parents feel for losing a 22year old son!there’s no one else to blame except himself!if I were the girl I would be glad I left him!god knows wad he would do if they’ve been together longer…

  22. He is not to be pity and is a stupid fellow not worth remembering and mention.JUust forget the worthless guy and move on.What a loser.

  23. hurmm its so sad to see a guy like dat…but watever happened, it happened already…so dnt go punishing him or his ex…R.I.P alviss

  24. Rest.In.Peace.
    *To those who knows the link to the GF’s Blog or Twitter, i think it’s best not to publicly share it as she’s probably the saddest person in the world now.

    Yeah, you write this like you so noble. delete this post away.

    What if someone in your family died and everybody talking and blogging and commenting about it? You are selfish, no empathy and u want traffic for ur site? Is this wat u want? FYL

    1. Writen by someone who decides to be anonymous, you are screaming hypocrisy.

      Rest in peace? Mercy is not shown to those who take their own lives. Ever watched Constantine? That will be a fictional explanation for your pea-sized brain to grasp on the non-fictional facts of suicide.

      Also, where is the freedom of speech? Let the blogger write what he pleases as long as he does not break any law.


  25. You are ruining the girls life further she dont need more harrassment and she dun need you to publicise her face like this you moron!

  26. But this is not the correct way to solve your problems…………I think his GF is more hurt than ever now ……….. He is so worthless he did not even think who will be hurt like his family and friends ……….. But he already did his biggest mistake of his life ……… ]
    I am only sorry for is GF ……

  27. u said “This is the second case in Malaysia where a Facebook message was posted online before the person committed suicide due to relationship problems”

    who is the first case?

  28. 四个字来形容条笨七,‘’ 废材白痴‘’。喂, 要死也先要找清条‘’父母亲债‘’先得咯!



    你地不好以为学条废材上FB,为女死好过瘾,绝对没甘的着数,就算你死左,我地肯定都会继续FUCK YOU,就好象现在这样。做鬼都给我地叫做‘’白痴鬼‘’,遗臭万年啊!!

    听下我们讲,在神里,世事是小事,你认为IMPOSSIBLE 的事,在祂只是湿碎啦!!
    呼叫祂名的, 祂必应允。 试下你就知!

  29. Those who has been posting under Anonymous and flaming this post, you should go fuck yourself in the head …

    This is seriously one dumb ass to have killed himself for a failed relationship. No doubt bout that. But you guys are on his side? If i were you i would be extremely embarrassed that i have a friend like that or for knowing someone like him.

    So stop bashing this post, and if you wanna comment, use your fucking real name or make one up! you fucking dumb asses!

  30. and those who says he is brave, you should be the first to go support him and jump off some other buidling, BUT make sure when you jump, do some basic calculations la, dont go and fucking fall on someones car, that fella needs to go to work tomoro morning as life goes on without you …

  31. Rest in peace alviss .

    to all the HATERS out there . i wanna say a few words .
    are every humans perfect ? no they dont!
    alviss musta been stressing with life and love so much.
    maybe he had been keeping everything all to himself.
    see how close he is to her sister? her sister would know if he express it to her sister .
    come on, where are the LOVE in this world ?
    you cant replace a life !
    if you lose money, you can gain it back but not LIFE !
    not even a soul .
    He would suffer if you haters keep saying that to him . help him rest in peace would ya ?
    and about his english? it’s a blog !
    blog are not meant for perfect english .
    come on, have some love okay ?

    – Best Regards
    – Kiumars

    1. “He would suffer if you haters keep saying that to him . help him rest in peace would ya ?come on, have some love okay ?”

      Have some love you say? he dont even fxxxing love himself let alone his parents… what kind of love do you expect people to show him? he is jerk with a hairdo…

      1. well, the thing is . do you made mistake ? do you ? are you perfect ? name just ONE PERSON WHO IS PERFECT . then i’ll say him a jerk . if you cant name it, you’re a sucka .

  32. Well, survival of the fittest. Evidently he can’t handle his life.

    At least he improved our gene pool by removing himself from it.

  33. wtf is this!!!

    i always think i’m the useless guy in the world but after i see this news only i know i’m better then him..

  34. he should think about his mother and father.. they are the ones who raised him..
    parents aren’t suppose to go to their children’s funeral..instead, the childrens should be the one… as their parents will go older and leave this world eventually… the young ones are the next generation to carry on the family’s legacy… but anyway, its saddening that such a good looking guy took his life for a girl which he can find better in life when he move on…
    rest in peace.. amen…

    1. we should make a judgment on whether his decision is the right thing to do or a stupid thing to do, so that other people won’t follow his action. When everyone say that he is stupid for doing this, then hopefully it will make other people NOT to follow him.

  35. He should have keep moving on his life and prove to that girl that she will be regretted for dumping him aside. Not just end your life in such a stupid way, especially when he was only 22. Lots of bright futures awaiting him.

    And I couldnt believe that most people actually thought he was a hero, WTF? Hero of being idiotic? Come on! What about those homeless people? The orphans? Did they kill themselves? BIG NO.

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