22 Yrs Old Malaysian Alviss Kong jumped off a building committing suicide after leaving a Facebook Message

Saw a tweet yesterday in the afternoon taking about this guy Alviss Kong who committed suicide because of relationship problems. There wasn’t any official news report that time and all i know is just someone on twitter saying that it’s true with reliable source.

It was until hours ago that i saw this news report on Chinapress, a local Chinese Newspaper reporting about it that the guy passed away 9AM in the morning just yesterday.

At around 11.15PM on Wednesday night, he posted a message on Facebook talking about a 45 minutes countdown.

He also wrote a note on Facebook, probably his last note in his life that is.

Seriously, this is a very bad example to many people out there and it’s really very saddening to know about it.

Alviss Kong officially announced/started his relationship with his girlfriend on the 26th of July 2010 and the whole relationship lasted only 4 months where it ended early this month. This is ONLY Alviss’s second relationship and he’s ONLY 22. Sigh.

and above is a recent blog post by his girlfriend expressing her feelings after the breakup stating that all is left behind is their memories where it’s impossible for them to be together again.

Both the girlfriend’s blog and facebook is private at the moment.

This is the second case in Malaysia where a Facebook message was posted online before the person committed suicide due to relationship problems.

I’m gonna repeat again that this is a really saddening matter and doing so is really a very bad example to a lot of people out there where there might be people of same experiences/thoughts who want to follow after the victim’s footsteps.


Alviss Kong’s last words to his Sister Chelvin Kong

Sigh the girlfriend must be in depression at the moment. How about the family members? 22 years taking care of him ended just because of that 4 months short relationship.


Reading various tweets about him is saddening as well…


*To those who knows the link to the GF’s Blog or Twitter, i think it’s best not to publicly share it as she’s probably the saddest person in the world now.
**Alviss Kong’s cousin brother posted that later, there’ll be a ceremony for Alviss at the Kwong Tong Cemetery 广东义山, Kuala Lumpur which will last the whole day starting from 10AM in the morning.

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  1. May his soul rest in peace, my condolences to his loved ones.

    Depression, and other tragic matters can be prevented through wise knowledge and rationalizations. Let’s just hope the people who read about this be conscious about deciding their faith before it’s too late.

  2. Let’s be analytical about a few points here people:

    – Just because we take life seriously and embrace the challenges head-on, and we feel ridiculed with how some could just waste their lives like that, and we express our own opinions in that regards, does NOT mean we are haters, does NOT mean we DONT HAVE some love. Please think twice before branding others “HATERS”. It may make yourself look stupid.

    – It’s funny how some comments says it’s sad that such a good looking guy took his life for a girl etc etc. It’s an interesting description. It’s saddening because he is ‘good looking’? Would it be less saddening if he’s a fugly toad? I dont know, to me it should be equally saddening. Well, it may not be equal to some others.

  3. i dont blame the girl. why would i blame her? in the 1st place we all know we have a freedom to choose. if we feel that we dont want that person anymore.. we have the power to say no. its he’s decision to kill hisself because he is so selfish. he dont even care about his family only his personal need. thats it.

  4. Brainless, for the person who are suicided. the soul will never get in peace. will never accept by heaven and Hell he will keep doing the same thing such like. jumping down from the building rapidly untill the day he realize that he is dead.

  5. Since someone first told me about this, and I read this, I’ve been confused. A lot of the comments here have made me really angry, too. To those of you who put him down, who put others down – why? Every single person is doing their best to fight to live, to pay the price to live. But sometimes, that price becomes too high. For every person, that’s going to be different. Every person values things differently, and every person has different things on their mind.

    Rarely, when someone contemplates – or, in this case, does – suicide, is there only one reason. Humans aren’t programmed like that. No way it’s only because of a relationship. (And even so, a “relationship” is much more than just a facebook status – it’s feelings, emotions, memories, futures, dreams, hopes.) Usually, almost every time, it’s because there’s so much built up it feels like it can no longer be born, that it feels like there is no future, that it’s entirely bleak no matter what happens – that nothing will change for the better and even if it does, overall, it will just keep getting worse.

    It does take courage to do something like this. It also takes courage to live. Neither is more courageous than the other, especially if you don’t know the rationale behind the actions.

    This is sad – very sad – but I think the way people have responded to be even sadder. A life is a life. Treasure it whether it has passed by or not.

  6. Only the heart knows its own sorrows.

    Right or wrong, wise or unwise he exercised his right to die for what he believed in or hoped for. Like countless others who died in the name of politics, nationalism, religion, freedom etc.

    A Romeo true to his quest for the illusive Love.

    Video in his tribute:

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  8. you dont understand what the victim was thinking and feeling at that time. You know no shit so shut your trap.

  9. No matter how hard life becomes, we must not choose the easy way out. The real victims here are the people he left behind, especially that poor girl.

  10. you can see how retarded of this man is, seriously i’m 15 and i still CRY? WHY? Because i got bullied countless times in school and even the prefect bully me. I told teacher what did they do? they only cane them in the ass and warn them. Then majority of the school BOO on me, what did i do after that? i listen to “The Fray-How to save a life” and weep on my pillows. thinking of suicide but when my mom came back home and bought me stuff that i like and her laugh changes my whole perspective about this world. I dont need frens, altho the whole world is against me i still have my family back home. Yes, I thought of committing suicide, but think again, your death isnt going to change the reality, it will only keep going on without you. Your existence does not matter to them. Do not wish for a simple life but the strength to endure a difficult one. Life can be a total dick but you just need to fuck with it.

  11. at least he is good looking and have dozen of friends. Suicide for just a girl? i dont see what he’s trying to pull here. I m ugly and fat. My solution for not being fat, get a fucking exercise and diet. no solution for ugly, that’s how god made a prank on me. I have absolutely no friend, you tell me how to get a girl to be my girlfriend. Oh i see you have a pretty girlfriend there, does it has to be HER? OMG, GO GET ANOTHER GIRL TO BE YOUR GIRLFRIEND. Back in my hood, we call this kind of girl BITCH or GOLD DIGGER. She out of your league, she’s just not that into you. It’s not that bitch’s fault you felt depress and decided to suicide, it was you who has high expectation. The higher you reach, when you fall the more pains you get. Don’t even trying to get sympathy after you died. Why not dedicate your life to help those that need help, disable ppl, kids in africa, old folks, you name it. or at least DONT JUMP DOWN FROM TALL BUILDING, DROWN YOURSELF SO THAT YOUR BODY STILL IN COMPLETE FORM AND DONATE IT TO THE HOSPITAL.

  12. This was the most craziest but retarded situation that enraged me. I don’t understand why he’d commit suicide just because of his ex-girlfriend. But here is my example: I had a 13 year old and a 19 year old classmate who hates me that I had my expectations high on them, and an abusive father who enjoys torturing me and confiscating my stuff for no reason. I made friends with my two classmates, and they hated me the most just because they think I irritate them, and so did my father because he wants me to be like him which I always refused. And then when they hated me, I just move on with my life doing other stuff but not to be as retarded as Alviss. But my advice to him is: GET A NEW GIRLFRIEND AND MOVE ON TO THE PEOPLE WHO LOVE YOU, NOT JUST YOUR EX-GIRLFRIEND WHO IS QUITE BITCHY OR THINKING SHE’S A DIVA. Life is a bitch sometimes, but you gotta move on.

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