Tickets Pricing Available for Jay Chou 周杰伦大马超时代世界巡回演唱会 The Era World Tour Concert LIVE in KL, Malaysia 2011

With more than 20 thousand page views on 2 posts combined posted here in this blog about the much anticipated Jay Chou 周杰伦大马超时代世界巡回演唱会 The Era World Tour Concert LIVE in KL, Malaysia 2011 with loads of inquiries about it, the ticketing details for the concert itself is finally out and it will be available on sale on Speedy Outlets as well as on starting from 27th of November 2010 onwards.

I repeat!!! Tickets will be on sale from 27th of November 2010 onwards!

Since the announcement of the concert in KL, fans have been searching up and down for every information they can get and base on research, the demands are extremely high thus resulting in the organisers adding one extra concert to be held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It will be the first time Jay Chou will perform in Malaysia for 2 nights in a row with a T-Stage incorporated with 3D technology with approx. 2000 LED lights/lasers & etc.

YES, that means that Jay Chou 周杰伦 will be performing for 2 nights on the 4th and 5th of March 2011 next year at Putra Indoor Stadium, Bukit Jalil.

Note : Ticket Sales will be happening on the the 27th of November 2010 at 11AM. Those who are getting their tickets at KL Sogo Mall on the date itself from 11AM to 6PM will enjoy 10% discount.

Jay Chou The Era World Tour Concert 周杰伦大马超时代世界巡回演唱会 2011
Date: 4th & 5th March 2011
Time: 8pm
Venue: Bukit Jalil Putra Indoor Stadium

Rock Zone : RM760 (Blue Area)
VIP : RM480 (Pink Area)
PS1 : RM330 (Red Area)
PS2 : RM230 (Orange Area)
PS3 : RM130 (Yellow Area)

Speedy Counters : 03-92836688
Ticket Charge : 03-92228811

For further information, click here or here
*Will post more information if i get my hands on it. =)

  1. Thanks…whoa..i am excited now…I can’t wait to get my hands on the tickets….cross fingers that i can get the ticket…
    Thanks again for the info…
    i really appreciated it.

    1. hmmm i’m not sure very behind is how behind for u but it’s the indoor stadium, so i think it should be ok!

        1. i think it’s better if you contact them hehehe i’ve posted numbers and links for contact purposes. =)

  2. and we bought 2 more this morning for the same show, so 4 of us on VIP, 5 march

    which one did you get?

    wonder what it’s like at Sogo today 😉

  3. got d vip ticket on mar 4…wahahahahaah…
    so susah to get d ticket…web page was congested..luckily i manage to get it….ahhhhhhah

  4. NICE!

    it was easy to access this morning, but now can’t open anymore

    is there a place (forum) where the concert-goers chit-chat in preparation for the day?

  5. ticket charge system down ! cant access … i access while queue in KL sogo.. and ! queue 5 hours still cannot get ticket… and PS3 habis already .. and Saturday VIP also

          1. > Ojy : good job to u that you called!! haha well one thing i don’t understand is alot of ppl jz kept asking me questions where i’ve already posted the numbers and website details on this post already, good job good job!!

            > m1m1nk : hmmm…

          2. good advice!

            will do that next time, we were so happy to get “pretty good” tickets we didn’t bother to make the international call 😉

            did you go to Speedy HQ to pick up the tickets? must be nice to have them on your hands now. we wont even see the tickets until we arrive in KL on 4 March.

            so, are you preparing anything to bring to the concert? we’re making a group polo shirt like we did on Jay’s concert back in 2008 in Singapore 😀

    1. now VIP there wah good good, suggestion? Got make white one or not? hhaha and the middle wording maybe put behind nicer i think not in front… just my opinion lah xD

  6. Happy Rabbit Year Everybody!

    Hey anyone could help me out posting a scanned ticket so I can use the characters in our group shirts? You can block out the seat numbers, I only need the middle part:

    please use a scanner so the characters are straight.

    Our tickets were sent to my friend in KL and will only get them when we arrive on 4 March 2011, he doesn’t have a scanner.

    Thanks a lot all, especially thanks Joshua 😉

  7. Hi guys,..I would like to ask how to travel to Bukit Jalil,…and where is the putra indoor stadium actually?


    1. U can travel with StarLRT that goes straight to the stadium, however, you still need to walk to the stadium (5 minutes or so). Putra Indoor Stadium is jz around tat area.

    1. Nt too sure about tat but you can try calling the numbers above. if not then look for people who wants to sell off their tickets. =)

  8. I got 2 VIP tickets which actually cost RM500 per ticket…it’s 5 march 2011 one…due to personal reason, I need to sell it..who wants it? Please reply asap…kindly contact me at 012-6886044..thanks…

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