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Just saw someone posting this video of a Taiwan singing competition contestant singing Gemilang (A Malay song) and thought that it was pretty awesome. The first malay song being sung in a Taiwan singing competition show.

Jess Lee Jia Wei 李佳薇 is making Malaysia proud by entering the top 16 of One Million Star/Superstar Avenue Season 7 超級星光大道 7. She got 25 points out of 30 with the song Gemilang during the latest episode of 超級星光大道 7 with the theme of My Story.


Go watch the video!

and oh if you don’t know yet, there’s not only 1 but there are 5 Malaysians in total who got into the Top 16 in One Million Star/Superstar Avenue Season 7 超級星光大道 7 at the moment.

Go find details on them online, especially on Youtube!! xD
*they are 陈美娇, 李佳薇, 陈珂冰, 郑盈盈, 蔡忆雯

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12 Responses so far.

  1. Nick Chang says:

    oh..ya!! she is my senior during my secondary school!!

  2. Nick Chang says:

    she is a prefect in our school..sing during assembly!!quite popular person in our school!!wow…

  3. Nick Chang says:

    wow…so good leh!! how abt u?? when can u made ur dream comes true??

  4. Jackson says:

    She is really awesome. Though she was rejected in many major singing contests in Malaysia but did not stop her from working harder to improve her singing talent and now she is being recognized in Taiwan. What a fairy-tale-story!!!

  5. Yvonne says:

    Check out her semi final songs. Especially the song ‘Yong gan’. She is awesome!!!!

  6. Anonymous says:

    she still have unlimited improve in future…you will see….after trained from the professional trainer…yeahhh…..Ichi旁。。

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