Official Launch of Proton Inspira : Better than Mitsubishi Lancer??

Updated 11 November 2010 :

Does this means that Proton Inspira is better than Mitsubishi Lancer??

At a special media briefing held at Proton’s Centre of Excellence recently, Inspira’s project manager Zulkifli Bidin clarified several matters.

He said the Waja’s replacement model originally started out as a joint development project between Proton and Mitsubishi Motors Corp three years ago.

After convincing Mitsubishi that Proton could improve on Lancer’s driving performance, Mitsubishi gave the green light to the suspension tweaking.

Among the improvements were revised suspension rating and bushings for a more comfortable ride and the incorporation of thicker anti-roll bars for better cornering stability.
Source : The Star

Updated 10 November 2010 :

The Official launch of Proton Inspira happened just this morning at the Proton Center of Excellence in Shah Alam. Do GO HERE for full details of the launch with more pictures attached.

Here’s the official price list for the new Proton Inspira (Proton Waja [Lancer] replacement unit) :

Proton Inspira 1.8 M/T – RM78,999
Proton Inspira 1.8 CVT – RM84,999
Proton Inspira 2.0 CVT – RM91,999

For the past few months, i’ve been looking to buy a car for myself and with my current situation, i can only look at second hand Saga BLM. Yes not even the new ones but just second hand as i don’t have the budget.

Anyways, just hours ago i came across this article on the replacement unit for Proton Waja with the name Proton Inspira. This model have been rumored for quite some time already where it looks 99% the same with Mitsubishi Lancer and well, there’s a brochure on the new unit already.

Okay, apparently it’s a leaked brochure that is.

I don’t know how inspirational will you feel but well the features from the brochure are :

-Bold and aggressive styling
-Trunk Remote Control
-Paddle Shift Peformance
-Fully Automatic Climate Control
-5-star Safety Rating
-2 Years Free Servicing

and the starting price for the new Proton Inspira is from RM79,XXX.

To be exact it will be below RM80,000 for 1.8 and below RM95,000 for 2.0.

Proton Inspira 1.8 is available for both Manual and Automatic transmission where Proton Inspira 2.0 is only available for Automatic transmission.

Interesting much and oh from the brochure, it states that you can start booking for the new model from tomorrow onwards with RM1000 down payment where the official launch of this new model Proton Inspira will be in November 2010.

I don’t know how is 5 star safety rating like but i’m pretty sure the quality won’t be as good as the ones being exported overseas. Talking about treating foreigners better than their own countrymen. Pfft.

If you could afford to buy one, will you do so?
*Oh and if you’re selling your Saga BLM, contact me can? =D

Do check out the links below as i get the information from there.

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  1. My first car was a proton wira. I bought it because it was affordable & it fulfilled my needs as a salesperson. I hv used the car for 7 yrs without any major problems. This car played a major role in my job which put food on the table for my family. And I would say that it has served me well. I would really like to see a car that does not need to be repaired thoughout it’s life span. That would be a super de duper thing. Well anyway I think that it’s individual preference just like finding a husband or wife. Hehe.. Not everyone will agree to 1 car so come on ppl stop arguing. Give constructive feedback. We’re here to share not to knock each others block off..

  2. Let me share my experience with my less than 2-month old Proton Inspira 2.0P. Last week, I discovered that the car boot was flooded with water. I reported the problem to Proton i.Care and they responded to my email the very next morning. I was told that they have forwarded my complaint to the respective departments. Not bad at all; for their very prompt reply.

    Unfortunately, that was the last I heard from them. I waited for a full week and not even a single call or email from them. I wrote to Proton i.Care again and told them that I have made a service appointment and requested that they ensure that someone is there to attend to my problem. This time, not even a reply from them.

    This is what I got for buying a Proton Inspira; Poor QC + Poor Service. I took a gamble and thinking that they have improved much over the last couple of years. I was wrong and paid dearly for it. Think twice before you part with your hard earned money.

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