Asia Chinese Girl Group iMe

Have you heard about one of the latest Asian girl group with the group name iMe / i-Me?

If you’ve not then congratulations, you’re as OUTDATED as Joshua Ong the owner of this blog. Okay, maybe not that outdated. It’s a relatively new Asian girl group which consist of members from China, Korea and Thailand.

Before i say anything, watch this video below first.

Well here are some facts. iMe is a result of the collaboration between 3 media/music entertainment companies from 3 different countries – EE Media 天娱传媒(China), DOREMI MUSIC (Korea) and True Fantasia (Thailand)

5 girls – Li Yuan Xi 李媛希(China), Zara 那琳 (Thailand), Yizi 易易紫(China), Shim Hyun Kyung 沈泫京(Korean), Liu Mei Han 刘美含 (China) have been chosen among millions in Asia where they were sent to undergo professional dance and vocal trainings in the past 2 years to form this girl group iMe and they have just launched their first album [i Me -哎咿呀] recently.

I have no idea what is the 3 major companies from 3 countries up to and why they have made such a decision to collaborate together creating a group that could possibly sing/perform in 5 different languages (English, Chinese, Thai, Korean & Japanese), but one thing i know, which is these companies must have spend quite a lot of money in the process in creating this group iMe.

Whatever it is, after watching their very first music video, i must say that they are quite potential. Of course, with talent and having the potential doesn’t mean that you’ll gain instant success.

For your information the director of the music video is the same exact person who did various music videos for groups like 东方神起 Dong Bang Shin Ki and 少女时代 Girls Generation.

Weird stuffs do happen in the entertainment world and this specific group already have a strong backing by the companies but well, after a brief googling work, i find quite a lot of negative comments especially by the people in China itself. Of course, there’re people/fans backing this new group and supporting them as well.

Would love to see how far can these girls can go then. Lol! *skeptical*

  1. looks like korean girls group, sound like taiwanese girl group, video korean style but consist of 3 girls from china. =/ confusing. lol

  2. > stella : LOL hahahah mmg pun confusing!

    > AMiRU : hahhahaha you like such girl groups eh?

    > xjion89 : hai wohhh

    1. They sang chinese in the MV but i read that they are capable of singing/performing in 5 languages LOL am not sure whether all 5 of them are able to do so or not hahha

  3. geli girl
    the song is so geli
    u say our korean group bad
    u all r the very nadly group
    geli group

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