Jay Chou 周杰伦大马超时代世界巡回演唱会 The Era World Tour Concert LIVE in KL, Malaysia 2011

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Yes, Malaysia will be in the list of concert venues in the Jay Chou’s The Era World Tour Concert [周杰伦超时代世界巡回演唱会].

It’s still a long way to go but we’re releasing the news now because we’re THAT excited! Bearing in mind that the Singapore leg of the concert for all three consecutive shows sold out within 2 hours, would you get tickets this far ahead of the concert?
Source : Jay Chou, Live in KL, 5th March 2011

The news was published on MSN Malaysia a few days earlier and yes i know i’m lagging but finally it’s confirmed!

Well of course it won’t be as awesome as the one in Taiwan with some million dollar 3D effects going on but i guess it will be a great concert to attend. The tickets of Taipei concert were snapped up in 2 minutes where else the ones for the concert in Singapore were all sold out in 2 hours so now i wonder how fast will the tickets go off when the organizers started selling it out here in Malaysia.

Jay Chou The Era World Tour Concert 周杰伦大马超时代世界巡回演唱会
Date: 5th March 2011
Time: 8pm
Venue: Bukit Jalil Putra Indoor Stadium
Ticket prices to be announced at a later date

The chances of Jolin Tsai 蔡依林 appearing in Kuala Lumpur is like 0.05% LOL but hey who knows? Right?

Wish i could go for concert then. =X

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  1. > sheryl0202: u mz blog about it after u go watch ok!!

    > vvens : why stadium merdeka eh?

  2. Hello,

    May i know what is the website to buy Jay chou’s concert ticket in Kuala Lumpur.

    Many Thanks.

    As i am from Brunei.


  3. Can I get information about purchasing tickets for the concert in kuala lumpur. What could make a purchase online because I was in Indonesia ?
    Thx ^^

  4. > Ivan & Meli : there’s no information on the ticketing yet, you guys can try adding Sony Music Malaysia on facebook and perhaps they’ll post up the details when they have em’. =)

    Can add Malaysia events company facebook page as well – Galaxy Events/ Star Planet and etc

    Check out below ticketing sites from time to time as well =)

  5. Hiiii! I am from brunei! May i know what is the website to buy Jay chou’s concert ticket in KL too? and does anyone know when the ticket will be release? I am hardly on internet but i wanna get a pair of the tix

    Many many thanks.

  6. hei there, i juz simply google and got this from the popular search.
    and i am one of the super fans who are looking forward for Jay’c live in M’sia 2011 also.
    is the ticket available now dy?
    or can we juz keep in touch for the latest news?

  7. whoa…is it that now Jay is holding 2 concert on 4th & 5th March 2011??? …now i have a bigger chance of getting the ticket…horray…
    i just hope that i get the news of when the tickets is going to release & grab it just in time.. pray hard….

    1. I think the concert is on the 5th only lah, the reason why the video shows 4-5 is cuz it’s a tour package from sg to msia..

  8. Hi! I have been a jay chou fan for 10 years and I have never watched his concert before! I really really want to go for this coming concert…. can you please email me when the tickets are ready for sales?

    and hm.. do u know where to buy the tickets if i can go to KL? thanks for answering my doubts. 🙂

  9. im going to the concert in KL, but what time i better be in putra indoor stadium? this is my 1st time 😀

    1. There are people who’ll be there a few hours earlier, you could probably be there 1 -2 hours before the concert starts?

  10. Anyone giving up seats? Rock Stage, Buying RM800 per ticket, need 2 !!! plz mail me !!! When you’re In love, you do stupid things for the one you love ! I hate Jay !

      1. joshua, where to sell the tix ar?
        and did u email those who are interested to buy the tix before tis?
        can i try to email them ?

  11. I went for the Malaysia’s Jay Chou – The Era 2011 World Tour. Bought the RM333 ticket, but still can only see Jay Chou for 6cm tall….haha^^,

      1. yes, i enjoy it very much but it’s a pity that he didnt sing much older & sentimental song eg: shou le zhai zan

  12. I went on March 5, at Rockzone, to get the front row total i was standing for 6 hours, but it worth it 🙂

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