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Was sleeping soundly on bed when this match was in progress last night. Woke up checking Livescore in disbelief but had a smile on my face. Never did i think that Japan could win scoring 3 goals against Denmark. I mean like, Denmark and Japan have both the kind of strength and quality to win in that match, but the most i predicted was 1-0 or 2-0 by either one side, […]

Among all the World Cup 2010 matches that i’ve watched personally, i would say that this one is the most entertaining one thus far. It was the second half that the atmosphere changed with numerous of counter attacking football being displayed by both sides. Kamil Kopunek of Slovakia celebrates scoring their third goal against Italy Kamil Kopunek of Slovakia scores his team’s 3rd goal Slovakia did quite an excellent job […]

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Remember this post where i promoted about the XPLAY Party that is happening in Kuala Lumpur? Well the party was last Saturday and i actually went to Sunway, the party was quite awesome i must say! Were you there? It was free you know! Our very own DJ Lapsap did a great job that night by entertaining the crowd with their music but it was when DJ Yasmin & DJ […]

Thanks to United International Pictures Malaysia, i watched this movie 2 nights ago at 1 Utama. One movie that is rated 18SX here in Malaysia, quite an entertaining movie, one that made me laugh multiple times in the cinema!! Quite the type of storyline that most guys would love to imagine. An average guy, perhaps worse getting a super hawt girl and there goes the story. In real life, it’s […]

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Uruguay and Mexico were the first 2 team to seal their place in the elite 16 teams followed by Argentina and South Korea. I’m so happy that South Korea managed to get into the top 16 in this World Cup 2010 tournament. You know, fellow Asian, supporting an Asia Country, That kinda thing! Haha… Well anyways, i wanted to watch the match yesterday night but i was really too tired […]

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