2010 MAYDAY 五月天變形DNA無限放大版世界巡迴大馬演唱會

Fans of  MAYDAY 五月天 waving their Blue LED sticks the whole night!

It was a freaking awesome concert performance by MAYDAY 五月天 from Taiwan 台湾 just yesterday night at Bukit Jalil Putra Indoor Stadium. With a great concept behind the tour, the H-Shape staging and lighting effects further completed the 3 hours long singing, shouting, jumping and partying between the fans and MAYDAY 五月天.

Was there like 2 hours before the concert and there were a few hundreds of MAYDAY 五月天 fans lining up to get into the venue already. Heard there’s fans all the way from Taiwan who’ve waited at the entrance since 10AM. Hardcore!

Thanks to Shu Jian for the tickets, we bumped into Stella and Isabell before entering the stadium. =)

After the opening act by some local artists, Della Ding 丁噹 came out as guest Artist performing 我是一只小小鸟 and the theme song 我爱他 from the drama 下一站,幸福. Her powerful vocals definitely had me adoring her when she sang the chorus part of the song. I knew she was good in singing when i saw her on Taiwan entertainment programs as well as when i listened to her album, but experiencing live performance is always a different case.

When the 4 level high backdrop came down revealing the stage and MAYDAY 五月天 performing, the fans screamed louder than ever waving their Blue LED sticks and some even started jumping straight away.

The atmosphere was wonderful with 10 out of 10 adoring fans singing along every single song that was performed up on stage.

The members of MAYDAY 五月天, Ashin 阿信 (Lead Singer), Monster 怪獸 and Stone 石頭 (Guitarist), Masa 瑪莎 (Bassist), Guan You 冠佑 (Drummer) displayed their music talent rocking the stadium for 3 whole hours.

The level of atmosphere was brought to a whole new level with the fans all high and hyped up when the 3 level tall Transformer-like robot being revealed on the stage while MAYDAY 五月天 performed D.N.A. Pretty impressive stage set up by the organizing parties.

The concert showed a few video clips featuring a fight between Evil and Good. The videos included Transformer-like robots and the graphics was the same as Transformers movie itself. We were like in a concert+cinema altogether watching a concert in a movie/movie in a concert happening in front of us and it was the first time i’ve attended such a concert. Thumbs up!

With a positive message shared by MAYDAY 五月天 in this World Tour, i must admit that i was kinda moved and well, am happy that i could sing along through like 70% of the songs being performed. LOL

Ashin 阿信 of MAYDAY 五月天 is a great singer and i enjoyed the most when he sang 擁抱 with Della Ding 丁噹. The combination of 2 wonderful voice together, awesome!

Undeniable, MAYDAY 五月天 is one of the very few rare bands/group that made it this long in the Chinese Entertainment industry still surviving and through the 11 years flashback video being displayed on screen above the stage, i could somehow understand how they succeeded in capturing the hearts of millions of fans all over the fans in the past decade.

Apart from the talent they had, it was the positivity they had as well as well as the energy from this group that consist of 5 members. Am grateful for the tickets as i managed to witness such a great performance by one of the best current band/group from Taiwan 台湾.

Read from the news and found out about this  where it happened after the concert – a guy proposed to his girlfriend. and of course, she agreed. Well done!! Source here

曲目 Songlist of the night :春天呐喊、轧车、爱情万岁、HoSee、你不是真正的快乐、生存以上生活以下、疯狂世界+候鸟、时光机、我心中尚未崩坏的地方、人生海海、D.N.A、雌雄同体、离开地球表面、墓仔埔也敢去+制造浪漫、笑忘歌+相信、拥抱、孙悟空+Solo、约翰蓝侬+我、最重要的小事、天使、生命有一种绝对、倔强


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