Xia Xue, Dawn Yang, 吴建豪 Vanness Wu and his Girlfriend, 姚之宁 Arissa Cheo

Sometimes being Famous cause a lot of troubles. Rumors alone could hold back tons of stuffs restricting one in various ways.

吴建豪 Vanness Wu have been gaining praises just last month for his acting skills in one of the latest Taiwan drama 下一站,幸福 Autumn’s Concerto. Since then, he have been getting on headlines for the wrong reasons which one of them includes drugs and such.

Ok put this aside first.

Remember this girl?

If you know the infamous war between 2 Singaporean bloggers Dawn Yang and Xiaxue back in 2008, you’ll know who she is. The war that generated more than 100 thousand combined hits for both blogs if i’m not mistaken where the drama even progress until the surfaced of lawyer letters against the later.

I know its bad to dig things up from the past bringing up unwanted troubles, but wait, let me finish my post!

Arissa. The girl whom Xiaxue said Dawn Yang copied from head to toe quoting much evidence in her blog back in 2008 is currently being reported by Chinese Media associated with 吴建豪 Vanness Wu as his Girlfriend.

Thanks to the picture taken in Hong Kong with Vanness admitting the relationship.


Why am i bringing up Xiaxue and Dawnyang again then as both of them are living their lives happily already?

Will you believe me if i say that its just for fun?

Oh well actually, what i think…

If Dawn Yang did copy Arissa, she definitely copied the right person!

Nothing bad about it, you see someone better than you, you admire that person, you want to be like that person, you follow the footsteps and do what that person does.

Just look at how Messi is now as Maradona is the one he looked up to as a footballer!

Ok perhaps its a bad example and i hope Messi doesn’t use the “Hand Of God” in the upcoming World Cup.
*various pictures copied from Xiaxue‘s Blog

By the way, i think that Vanness and Arissa make quite an awesome matching couple don’t you think so?!

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  1. xiaxue is short, pudgy and insecure. she really does like to emphasize that she knows this arissa girl because arissa is pretty, wealthy and famous. Well xiaxue is famous..in singapore. and relatively speaking it does not matter because not every singaporean likes her. only bottom feeders and losers do. singapore is a small country and her blog stands out because its tabloid.

  2. actually i think this arissa girl is not perfect herself. her face looks very plastic especially her nose. you can see the shape and length and size of it is different in different pictures. in some pics, it’s more rounded and big at the tip and recent ones are very long and narrow. i’ve seen a couple of nose jobs on girls and they almost always look like that type of she is sporting in the recent pics. anyway, the surest way to know if someone has done their eyes or nose or wotever is to see their young teenage pics. I think she has done her nose and im not surprised if she has done other things as well. her type of face doesn’t seem natural. if she does an xray or wotever kind of test, you can see the implant.

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