review on Evolusi KL Drift 2

Before i talk about this RM2.5 Million local production. Let me show you some pictures where they actually destroyed a RX-7 in the movie. =(

Pretty stunning eh? and it’s not fake at all, it’s a real RX-7 flying out from a flyover bridge to another road at Putrajaya, Malaysia. Gah!

Who would have thought that Malaysia’s Film Industry will have this one movie that uses cars from BMW, Maxda, Nissan, Mitsubishi and etc producing some car movie consisting of racing/drifting scenes?

Believe it! With the releasing of Impak Maksima years ago and Evolusi KL Drift back in 2008, Evolusi KL Drift 2 came to the big screens just last week.

Watching the 1st KL Drift movie had me putting high hopes in the second film and after watching it 2 days ago, i must say that i’m quite disappointed with it.

Evolusi KL Drift – RM2 Million production
Evolusi KL Drift 2 – RM2.5 Million production

Extra money with most of the same casts remained with a storyline that continues from the previous chapter should have been made this one a more interesting movie.

But NO. The standard remains the same from the first one. Probably a little bit worse i think. The movie started with some crappy theme song yes i think it is crappy and they even played the whole song with some really stupid scenes of a drift competition.

Background music, the theme song sucks already.
Repeatingly showing the single same face with 2 eyes drifting in the car sucks even more.

What makes me shakes my head at the start of the movie was they didn’t really show much of how Zack won the competition and instead wasted quite a lot of time on it where i don’t see a point in it.

I didn’t expect much of superb acting from the actors/actress as if they would be like some Oscar winning individuals, but they were good enough to make me entertained especially one of the bad guys who talked quite a lot in Cantonese. Good try Ha!!

There were not much but still an acceptable amount of drifting/racing scenes in the movie and uh oh okay it was fine, but somehow i felt that the techniques they use on filming the race could be improved.

I mean like with the money spent, i expected a much more better way of showing how they race and drift. I actually think that the racing scenes from the first Evolusi KL Drift is much nicer.

However, good job on the RX-7 at the end of the movie.

What i think that was the ultimate letdown for me in this movie is the storyline itself. Having the same cast is nothing wrong, putting that much nice cars is what more than i could have expect, but the sucky storyline which is quite dull really made the whole movie not as interesting as i thought it would be. Not much to Wow about.

Many points were not justified and some don’t even make sense where the most annoying thing is like as though as they just simply modified the script/storyline from the first Evolusi KL Drift.

The only difference is Zack have become a professional driver that’s all.

If you’ve watched the first movie followed by this then you’ll know what i mean!!

Thanks to this funny dude in the picture above which i don’t find him scary at all, he was pretty entertaining throughout the movie, the other characters were pretty predictable/same from the previous movie. Not much improvement.

Maybe those movie makers don’t really care about having much improvements from the first movie because more than 60% of the people in Malaysia are Malays and they know that the Malays will surely support this film and if this is the case then i’m utterly disappointed with it.

Scha al-Yahya the leading actress who played the role Aleya was just a minor add on to the movie i think. Didn’t make much impact on the movie like how Fasha’s role did in the first one.

My complaints?
Introduction – Too long (Fail).
Drifting scenes – not as good/same as the first one (Fail)
Storyline – worse than the first one (Fail)
Love and Relationship – worse than the first one (Fail)

I’ve seen comments saying that this movie is up to standard as a Hollywood film and here i am saying that NO, IT’S NOT!! It might be a breakthrough for Malaysian Movie Industry but seriously, if you’ve watched the first one and watch this again, i think you would think the same as i.

Tell me about it if you think differently and have high praise for Evolusi KL Drift 2.

The cars used in this film include a Nissan 350z, Nissan Skyline R34, Toyota Supra MkIV, Mazda RX7 FD3S, Nissan Silvia S13, Nissan Silvia S14 and a BMW e39 5 series.

My Rating for this movie is 6/10

  1. I don’t get it why people say that this is a good movie. The quality is quite bad, for me. Yeah, they did use more money to make this movie a CGI-free movie but the storyline was a letdown. And I’m being condemned terribly in my blog for voicing out the truth. haish~
    .-= nf´s last blog ..Malaysian actor is now a WANTED criminal =-.

  2. > Tony Wan : support local films mah!! but mana tau it disappoints me pulak..

    > nf : yah i don’t geddit either, i mean like, with the awesome cars and the support by police n government allowing blocking of roads n such, this movie should have been much more better one compared to the first one. Storyline sucks the most yes with not much things to Wow about.

    Haha i wonder will i get condemn soon lol!

    > eklern : u geng mah hahahaha oh yah 2nd song, much better than the first one!!!

  3. i just watch it..

    yeah, i have to admit to you, the story line was a letdown.. big time..

    they look kindda rush or something, want to make everything pack under 1 and half hour.. make the film somewhat incomplete.

    But, yeah the car are nice to see, but i expect lot of drift action compare to the first one.

    So far, i don’t see any improvement in the cinematography and the way they capture the moment of drifting, .. so pening maa…

    Hahaha.. 🙂
    .-= slevin´s last blog ..The Cove : What a Future Look Like =-.

  4. for me okay what this movie.. maybe u had to high expectation.. u must remember that we are in malaysia, not hollywood.. so i think if you compare this movie wif other malay movie,this movie much better than others..

  5. i watched it twice ,a bit weak on story line but still, kl drift2 is 100x better than rempit v3! rempit v3 is a piece of shit!

  6. > slevin : EXACTLY!! Not only no improvement but i think the first movie was even better though it’s more shaky haha but ultimately, its the storyline that makes me disappointed. =(

    > eza : have you watched the first part? =D If you’ve right you would have put much hope and higher expectations on this sequel itself le, if i were to compare this movie to the ones made in hollywood, the rating will be definitely below 5 =)

    > ken : LOL! rempit v3 that bad ah? I feel like watching leh..

    > eklern : u lansi lor!!! lol later the guy in the movie go find u ask u why u so lansi!!

  7. atleast they destroy a rx-7 for real and also appearance of scha!! hahahaha
    .-= uvais´s last blog ..DOSA-DOSA =-.

  8. Scha al-Yahya make me drool bro…wakaka
    dunno y..but i think i kinda attract to this kind of act male tough character..(hmmm..)
    (wanna bone her kau kau..then ask her act tough somemore huh..) = = !!!

    dun deny it but i somehow find syamsul a bit look like donnie yan…wakakaka.maybe he should start with a project call ip man 3 in malay peninsula…wakaka.. = = !!!

    i love the first fahid though not this sisi wink wink one little little emo lost cool totally..
    and that kamal macam pukimak..btw where is the police lancer?? why all are waja only??

    and u can see also this time the trend is more to cantonese speaking wat is the direction? to attract hongkis? or to attract malaysian?
    dai loh..chi yao chi lei..wakakaka..ape case???
    and that is how chinese triad boss is so darn easy to kill and had none come over and revange….pukimak…

    eventhough the story is a let down but i still find the execution is more better than the last one..(the last one cameraman like baru habis hisap ganja the camera shake more than cloverfield )..the scence are mostly take in putrajaya u noe y…cause less traffic..kaka
    only few in sunway then the last chase scence near klcc,sungaiwang all those fucker who stand and watch just potong stem betul lahh make the scence so unreal…

    and to say u can shoot a lot u want without getting unwanted attention in Malaysia tat is bullshit…wakakaka

    lastly no matter how good our team drift but we still can’t find champion in our hand…
    if u want me to say..minus the fake CGI impak maksima still the classic..

    1. HAHAHA you know what? I actually thought of the Police Lancer as well haha wondering where were the cars kekeke

      and bout the cantonese speaking i guess they want to get more audience other than the Malays bah buthen the killing of Chinese Triad Boss, i dono about tat lah, perhaps some racial issues in there, that you need to ask the director hahaha

      yes you are right its less shaky but the racing scenes are largely reduced, i mean like KL DRIFT i expected more KL ROADS not er PUTRAJAYA ROADS lol if you know wat i mean

      and i still haven watch impak maksima damn!!

  9. hah! you right dude! your opinion same as mine! i felt sleepy & blank/lost watched this film. my head spinning when the scenes goes to drifting! me as a film student, really2 dissapointed with the 2nd one. i think the 1st was a brilliant than this one. after finished, me & my bro get out from cinema without saying anything.

  10. at least mr shamsul make money for his career! ada 1 juta ka dlm lu punya account…setakat buat blog lu mampu la bro!
    what a stupid comment..
    dont think too much bro because it is just a movie..lots of hollywood film are SUCKS TOO..but malaysian ppl just cant’ see n feel like there are the best
    malaysian film industri is new ..not like hollywood
    hollywood also not filming in the middle of manhanttan lol…
    ada berani lu bikin film malaysia kasi meletop la wa mau tgk lu bole bikin lagi SUCKS OR GOOD film…
    at least they try to break the monotoneous of making love story like before lol…

  11. the guy who acting as a gangsta that u said stupid is a versatile actor lol…u just dont follow his drama n movie then simply comment on stupid r u..
    i dont even scared when watching all the gangsta on tripple xxx or whatever drift movie from hollywood because thats not the point!..making ppl scared..
    u just simply dun know bout this world huh..poor…

  12. > amoi : agree wit u tat alot of hollywood film is bad too but msian film industry is not new!

    well if that’s what every Msian view on the local movies then there’ll be no improvement in the future films already, i commented its bad because i hv higher expectations after the 1st film which i thought its good back then..

    then this 2nd one disappointed me. Its just that simple =)

    I know you know the whole world and everything so kudos to you hehehe

  13. first 1 better??okay..that’s your point of view..i was disappointed with the first 1 because the starting race was already draggy…the actors were not that lively..and the first one, the fighting scene was way too shaky..i still prefer the 2nd one because of the actors were more lively compared to the first one…it is not as shaky as the first one…it’s not that i don’t like hollywood movies but many are computerize graphics…to me I don’t find speaking other languages a big issue in this movie…I find it more interesting…that’s why i like this as most of the stunts are more real…to me I do see some improvement in Malaysia filming industries…maybe they are starting to built it me now there starting to be daring in spending so i do think that more and more things they will be improving on…hope u don’t mind as I am saying it as how i feel..peace..

    1. no prob lah hahaha each diff ppl have diff views well.

      kinda agree with u tat the 2nd one is less shaky, as in the cameraman.

      actually to me, the 2nd one fail most in their storyline lah, the cast and the cars, they’re pretty fine and yes like u say there’s improvement in Malaysia filming industries, perhaps after the first one, i was putting too much hope on this second one then. Let’s look forward to similar local production in the future =D

  14. anybody knows where i go to download this movie??

    i was searching every web, and result is zero..

    please help me..thx

    info: im from indonesia, and in here no one sell this movie (dvd)

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