Recently i was introduced to something new.

Alright not really new as i’ve been doing it from time to time, just that i never imagine this coming across ever. In fact, i’ve never imagine or really know what would i want to do in the future.

Unlike some friends around who have their picture clearly drawn before Form 5 knowing what they need and want to do in the future pursuing their dreams and such, i just walk along learning new stuffs that come across from time to time and that’s it.

Oh well, along the years, especially these 2 years, i’ve got quite a few piece of the puzzles solved already and it seems like someone is guiding me with decisions, with auto GPS function knowing which turning to made.

I’m just thankful to GOD above who provided me more than i could have asked for thus far, the blessings often happened at the most unexpected moment i must say and it’s really shocking at times.

I would consider myself as someone lucky being who i am now and i’m sure that HE have something installed for me, for what reason it may be and whatever pathways that i would take.

I just want to say THANK YOU.

To the various people who’ve helped me somehow someway sometime.


*i actually enjoyed doing what i did last Saturday, but of course, i was exhausted. With a smile on my face

  1. > Cincauhangus : ur head!! u got so many freelance job haha

    > Simon Seow : LOL NO LAHHH i where got so geng!!

    > David : yaaaahh!!

    > Nigel : ehh how u know wan!!

    > Hsu Jen : yayyy!!

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