JOSHUAONGYS.COM – A New Beginning.

Its been 5 years since i started blogging. The idea of having an own domain and going dotcom never occur to me until like 2 years ago. That was when i was blogging on where i get a bit more visitors/comments coming in.

I’ve always wanted to maintain a site of my own but never really move on and work something on it. Then, a few days ago, i finally made the decision to do so. Upon completing the transaction and such, i quickly imported the entries from my previous blog here and was working on the themes & plugins.

All thanks to my readers, be it the noisy ones who leave comments or the quiet ones, thanks to YOU, though not thousands, its all of you who read my blog constantly that really makes my day.

Thanks for the support.

I truly appreciate it.

and so, its official. Good bye to

I hope that the future blog posts here will be able to make your day somehow. =)
*Do update my new link on your blog ya!

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  1. Congratulations on getting your own domain. I believe it’s worth it for the satisfaction alone.

    I’d like to have my own in the future, if my blogging goes anywhere that is.


  2. > simonso : thanks bro =D

    > Cashmere : thank you so much, same to you too!!

    > Simon Seow : yah only telling everyone in the world its up and running hehehe

    > justjasmine : thanks!

    > goingkookies : hahahaha ur blogspot or u wan go .com? no prob with the tix see u tonight!!

    > Yatz : eh dont stim so fast weh!

    > Mike Yip : Lol. Dont so loud la ask cheng makan later everyone else ask how?

    > Baldwin : thanks there dude =D

    > dylan : tenkiu for supporting!!!

    > Puiyeng : yesh it was me, hahahahahahahaha in a nuffnang blogger event xD

    > Serge Norguard : cipan pulak ha

    > IHSAN : thanks man, haha worth for the satisfaction alone. True in a way. Well actually its better if you go dotcom earlier. I had a hard time putting the hundreds of posts into different categories hahaha. Till now haven fully sort it out yet man. xD

    > David : hahahahahaha wait la okay? refer TKT thread hehe

    > christock : ya rite look who’s talking xD!

    > Ta : doh jeh doh jeh!

    > Ren : wah after yatz den u ah? dont stim so much hahah

    > colinjong : thanks so much!! =)

  3. >hongaun : thanks so much!

    > Xeroz : thank you!

    > Eldy : you’ll get urs soon bah!

    > bboyrice : thanks =D

    > GraceOng : yahh thank you!

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