Cable on Fire during T Music Festival 12 September 2009

T Music Festival is a concert that marks the 15th Anniversary of Galaxy. A local event company in Malaysia that brought countless of concerts to the people in Malaysia over the years.

Sponsored by Tiger Beer, it was a music festival that consist of more than 20 performing artist, mainly more well known among the Chinese community.

Anyways, i will write another more detail post on the singers and performances.

This post alone is fully dedicated to the shocking rare incident that happened during the concert. The concert started at 7PM and went smoothly until around 10.21PM, one of the cable got caught on fire which causes the lights and sound system to go off, leaving the crowd in the dark.

If you’ve watched the video, you’ll see 2 singers coming out singing out to the crowd. Without the sound system, background music and all. Thanks to the fire, i could feel how crazy the fans was in the stadium supporting the artists they adore, singing along with them in the dark.

I believe this is one of those once in a lifetime experience going to a concert like THIS itself. Witnessing an error that is THAT serious.

The concert was fully resumed after 30+ Minutes and ended around 1.30AM.

Quite a “Near Death Experience” huh? Now those fans who went to the concert yesterday night can proudly tell every other one in the world that they have experienced a near death moment with their beloved artists.

I’ll just say that it was some special birthday stunt specially made for Galaxy.

*Added on 14 September 2009.

COME ON!! I took a video with a few pictures as well as the cable got caught on fire, don’t tell me what i saw was some kinda stunt that is related to the Hungry Ghost Festival. Fuse problem. Duh!

  1. > joshuatly : hahaha now u know what happen =D

    > jackie : you watch too much movie la hahaha

    > Simon Seow : and it continue till 1.30am crazy!

    > superwilson : i thought so too, its very very rare…

    > Solitary Rose : but no cake wan!

    > Clarisseteagen : heheheh thanks =D actually the people in front of us panicked and went away from their seats hahaha

  2. The whole show is hot… and real fire too… wanna suspense us… luckily is outside the tent… imagine the fire inside the tent for rock zone….

    Luckily so some pictures… too bad, only bring compact camera, can’t take pictures of those artistes….. sob sob…

  3. yeah man how can they said it’s no on fire?? it’s just like final destination 4 scene la. so scary and i faster move one side and u good still continue recording. haha. scare later it might explode!

  4. > tiffanie : i doubt they’ll further elaborate bah

    > Simaaron : good thing nothing serious happen after that =)

    > Me : yah if it was in the rock zone then it would really have to be halted. Nevermind la, find the pictures online ba!

    > Simon Seow : ROFLMAO good one, like dat then they really clever lor!

    > JJ : lol hahaha enjoy!

    > saimatkong : as usual la, cover up ma!

  5. so typical malaysian mentality… good thing no one was harmed and you guys got it on film!

    gosh. they think they can just bluff their way out when there were thousands of ppl there??!!!

  6. > iyouwe : yesh lucky we all

    > aidi-safuan : hahaha so dark where got nice!

    > Viya : did u run away? hah

    > goingkookies : haha but i doubt the world will know about this bah, only a small portion of ppl dat is. The ones who’ve read the blogs posting about the real incident only.

    1. Nope. I thought it was nothing serious. Beside, i am not going to miss the chance to see the rest of the famous HK singers just because of this. ^^

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