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All these while, when i blog, i’ll edit some/many pictures and put in different folders on my computer’s desktop so that its easier for me to differentiate and think of what to blog about and etc. So today, i was looking through the folders on my desktop(to see which i’ve blogged about and which i’ve not) and had fun viewing these 2 images. Though not long ago, i still find […]

The past 3 days have been really awesome for me. One big reason is because i met this person 3 days in a row and had the chance to really sit down and talked about lots of stuffs. I even took out some of the stuffs from the old days, from the envelopes that i received and we had a few laughs over that looking back at how funny we […]

Last month, i blogged about an upcoming workshop by one of the top Taiwanese BBOY which happened early last month. I dropped by on the 6th of December 2008, the 2nd day during the workshop in Kepong. Pretty inspiring and from the way he describe on how Taiwan BBOY practise, it made me go Wow. With his current age which is 28 years old (if i’m not mistaken) and still […]

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