review on Evolusi : KL Drift

yes i’ve watched this RM2-million local production,

Evolusi : KL Drift!!

The main cars are a R34, a R33, a wide-bodied Sil1580, S13, and a RX7 FD.

this picture was took during the film-shoot, they started filming this movie in May last year.

the cast

i know nuts about the cast and well, the leading actor and actress is okay but the others are… *shakes head* Most of the people in the cast can’t act well, maybe thats the Malaysian way of acting i don’t know…. ><

Nazrul Afizi and drivers from DCM (Zee, Terence and Yoong) as the stunt drivers for the movie, with Ivan Lau as the camera car driver.

i would say that with them driving the cars in the movie, they really made the movie a lot more fantastic + interesting, i cant imagine how would the movie turn out without them… for your information, there are quite a lot of racing/drifting scenes in the movie…

and i mean ALOT!!!






the driving scenes are the ones that impressed me most and i thought that it was really nice.

there are 2 race in the movie that i love most, the one between Zack and Fasha at the start of the movie and the one between Zack and Joe near the end of the movie.. both race was filmed at night which largely involved KL city roads.

My friend said that the tunnel filmed in the movie is the SMART tunnel.

apparently someone used his phone and recorded this 18sec short slip showing 2 cars in the tunnel during the film-shoot. link here- kldriftunderground.3gp

For your information, there is no CG (computer graphics) involve at all and that alone is worth our cheers and claps.

on the other hand, i have no idea why they filmed it in a way like the scene is shaking most of the times.. where it gives me headache.. this includes the fighting scenes(LOCAL FILM MAKERS SUCKS AT FILMING A FIGHTING SCENE!!) and some racing scenes where the cameraman would shake here and there and i was thinking that they zoom-in + zoom+ out too much in the racing scenes!!!

below is one of the ending scene where the antagonist, Joe crashed his car(RX7 FD)

a RX7 FD gone.. just like that…

one big problem i have with this movie is the audio, the audio will get loud at times and softer at times… its not well edited/recorded i would say and this really annoyed me very much…

is like i was enjoying watching this car chasing another car then suddenly the audio became loud and i was like O.O and it became softer all of a sudden o.o ARGH you watch it then you’ll know…

and yea btw, the leading actress is pretty hmmm

and yea, one more thing i would like to complaint is they have no subtitle AT ALL!!!
darn… I’m not good at listening Malay conversation la duh!!

so, my rating for this movie is 6.5/10.

5 for the cars/stunts and 1.5 for the leading actress wtf.. lolx – jk nia..

well, thats my whole review of this locally filmed movie… if you love cars, its worth watching and well if you don’t, DO SUPPORT LOCAL FILMS LA WEY, ONCE IN A WHILE!! RM 2 Million Production you know!!

if you’re still doubting this movie, then go watch it on Wednesday larh where you can get a cheaper ticket price!! lolx

Just give this Malaysian movie a shot bah, its actually considered as a very good local production already with our limited resources in Malaysia. ^^

  1. wow, looks like this movie will gegar seluruh malaysia…i hope too! in my home town(you can guess where i stay) there is no cinema so i need to buy pirated kl drift dvd.. kaka, can watch many times lui..

  2. haha i don’t know how is the response from the public on this show.. ha kesian la u stay in kelantan ><

  3. haha..ya, i am kelantanese.
    actually i am happy to stay in kelantan.

    west coast malaysia already got many ppl watch this movie? as i know we here, many movies just play from lcd to a big screen in open foodcourts..just watch football only with friends(but i am *not* afootball fans).

  4. have watched the movie preview and it looked exciting. it did show the flying rx7. didnt know msia cld produce such a fantastic movie, syabas!

  5. i think the shots is nice.the cameraman is genius.the shaking camera make it more exciting and cover up all public cars that was been stop for shoting purpose.only that the mistake is the actor should be ‘mat salleh’ than it will suit that kind of concept.he…he…he…
    standing ovation to the production team

  6. > johnny ong : lolx the preview did show that its fantastic but the movie aint that GOOD, but its worth a watch =)

    > simon : hehehe good then, just watch those stuffs.. not the acting part and storyline haha

    > anonymous : lolz i think that the shaking camera thingy is too much bah… a little bit is nice but… lolx

  7. i personally think IMPACT MAKSIMA is way way way better then KL DRIFT minus the CG scene but at least their dun have cocaine hunger cameramen get wat i saying..kaka

  8. > 戏痞三赖 : hmm impact maksima… i have yet to see that movie lolx…. where can get it arh?

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